High bride price wine case! The groom and his fiancee had killed mother Tang aunt married

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High bride price wine case! The groom and his fiancee had killed mother Tang aunt married

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26 years ago, because of dowry disputes, villagers Teng Cangzhou Xianxian County 21 year old will be a future mother-in-law and his fiancee with a kitchen knife and hacked the tracks. Subsequently, he fled and tens of thousands of "wash white" identity, married in Xinjiang.

recently, when the Xianxian County police asked by Uncle Teng, "remember the 26 years with the murder?" Teng's face was sunk, and then it seemed to be free, and said, "I did it."

tengmou was arrested by the police and returned to the case. The police for map

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1991 November 27th morning, Xianxian County East Village (now Han Village) Hou Ling Tun Village Song, back to the village as usual home to see. Lock the door, outside the door to the room is open, the song was wondering, suddenly in front of a scene scared out of their wits. Liu, a more than 50 year old mother of song, and his younger sister, Xiao Song, only 21 years old, were all over the ground. The mother Liu face, neck wounds. Sister Xiao Song's upper body was burned seriously, and a knife was inserted above his hips.

the Xianxian County Public Security Bureau received the alarm and sent people to the scene quickly. The police found that all two deceased were lying in the outer room. There was no sign of turnover inside the house, nor was there any sign of the door lock. Therefore, it is possible to exclude house robbery, and think that the acquaintance is committing a crime.

at the same time, the police in the case found two coats on the scene of the crime, tteng's father recognizable, the coat is tengmou. Moreover, Teng's father said that tengmou only went home 26 days late at night, and didn't know it in the early morning of 27. As a result, the suspicion of Teng has risen sharply, and the police have listed it as a key suspect.

suspect Teng evaporation

after the incident, the Xianxian County police in the surrounding villages and counties posted many xiechatongbao, but Teng is dematerialized. In a relatively unitary age of detection, the police can only track and capture the suspects by their hands, feet and eyes. But no matter how hard and how hard it is, the police did not stop searching for tengmou's footsteps. They had been constantly surrounding the tengmou's relatives and social relations, expanding the scope of investigation. At the same time, during the festival, the police will come to see the parents of Teng, do the ideological work of the two elderly, and hope that they advise his son to surrender at an early date.

the case has been broken again, but the efforts of the police have not been broken. Li Changqing, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Xianxian County Public Security Bureau, clearly remembered that he had been to the criminal police team in 1999, and tengmou's case was still one of the key points of the global work. Zhou Jinquan, deputy director of the Xianxian County Public Security Bureau, was the investigator of the case in that year. The case was not broken by a stone in his heart. Every year, he would supervise it many times.

2002, the Xianxian County Public Security Bureau cleaned up the fugitive information, tengmou was chasing the Internet by the police. Subsequently, the police combed through Teng brother and sister contact list, found a Xinjiang phone number is very suspicious, Teng settled in Xinjiang? However, because of the lack of clues, there has been no substantial progress in the follow-up investigation.

Xinjiang "Liu Jie" suspected tengmou

time passed for more than 20 years. The leaders and policemen of Xianxian County Public Security Bureau changed several times, but the hunt for tengmou never stopped. In October of this year, by means of technical analysis, Xianxian County police finally learned an important clue. Liu Jie, who lives in Xinjiang, Akesu and Wushi County, has a high similarity with tengmou, a criminal suspect.

in November 18th this year, Li Changqing led 5 policemen to set off again to Wushi Town, Wushi County, Akesu, Xinjiang. In November 20th, Xianxian County police Xinjiang police joint implementation of trapping, notice Moulai Teng police station to cooperate with the investigation on the grounds. At this time, Teng, already "wash white" identity, renamed "Liu Jie", became a local small famous contractor head, and have a pair of children.

"Hello, we are the Xianxian County Public Security Bureau