Raped repeatedly molesting underage female student teacher tutor jailed for 12 and a half years

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Raped repeatedly molesting underage female student teacher tutor jailed for 12 and a half years

2017-12-27 09:27:43 427 ℃

Xiao Na's father did not think, 14 months to spend 160 thousand yuan "famous teacher family education", but during the class many times rape, indecent daughter.

this morning, Zou Mingwu, a teacher, was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months' imprisonment for rape and indecent assault in the Haidian court of first instance, and was not allowed to engage in the teaching profession within 5 years after the sentence was released. The heavy case group 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) learned that this was the first case in the Beijing court to declare a "Prohibition of employment" for the accused of sexual assault.

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video display monitor Tina is obscene.

students say that many people have been taught to attack

"victims, can you hear it?" Before the court, the trial judge, through the microphone of the court, said to Xiao Na (a pseudonym) in another room next to the court.

Xiao Na is a senior sophomore at the age of 17. Because of the rape and indecency of the tutor Zou Mingwu, she was accompanied by her parents and went to the court to participate in the court trial and today's sentence.

"for the protection of minors, we take the present way." The judge said, on the one hand, the victim can convey opinions to the court through voice. On the other hand, "no face" also ensures that her future learning and life will not be affected more.

prosecutors accused Zou Mingwu of a middle school math teacher from September 2015 to August 2016. After his resignation in September 2016, he was a temporary substitute teacher in a famous middle school in Beijing. In October

2015, Zou Mingwu was employed as a tutor of the family. From March 2016 to the time of the incident, he used his tutoring skills in his own family and Xiao Na's family, and forced four times to have sex with Xiao Na, and repeatedly forced kissing and caressing.

"his teaching business has been very good, and this also lets the family decide to ask him to be a tutor." Xiao Na said that the lesson is once a week, but the summer and summer vacation almost every day, and his academic achievements have been improved because of the course. But the teacher on her hands and feet, is the beginning of a small action, by April 2016, the implementation of the teacher and the threat to her one-time invasion, she can't speak. After

, she had repeatedly hinted that her parents did not want to continue the tutor class, "but they thought I had been in conflict with my learning and never changed the teacher."

helplessly, Xiao Na persisted repeatedly, let his family install the camera in her remedial room.

monitored video records of Zou Mingwu's obscenity, and she told her parents to be raped and indecent.

video display screen.

argues that "tutor students voluntarily"

39 year old Zou Mingwu, was rated as a teacher "and" district level backbone teachers". From October 2015 to 2016 12

period, he with 14 months of lessons for huna. The cost is 700 yuan per hour, once a week (2 hours), the winter vacation is once a day, and the summer vacation is once a day.

"gave him a total of 160 thousand dollars in class fees, who would think that a teacher in a famous school would do this?" Her father said angrily.

for the collection of tuition fees, Zou Mingwu has completed the course, without refund of any cost.

court found that, as a small child's tutor and tutor, Zou Mingwu used his tutoring skills, forced to kiss and touch, and forced sexual relations with her many times.

but Zou Mingwu has never pleaded guilty, and he thinks he is in love with her teachers and students. In addition, he said, the case exposure has a great impact on his family, so the daughter can not study in Beijing. During the

trial, Zou Mingwu argued that she had volunteered to have sex with him, and he did not take coercion.

"Zou Mingwu on trial. Beijing News reporter Tao Ran photo

on Zou Mingwu constitute the crime of rape, the court held that, although Zou Mingwu said Huna is an ambiguous relationship between teachers and students, but the two person micro channel chat does not involve any emotions or ambiguous statement; Tina repeatedly told the parents to change the tutor, and offered the installation of monitoring, after inform the parents of rape and molestation.

in addition, Huna in the public security organs in the first statement said, the first time was raped when found Mingwu Zou left hip red birthmark, and photo evidence. But Zou Mingwu said he did not know if there was a birthmark. The justification was obvious, so the court refused to accept the letter.

about whether Zou Mingwu constituted coercive indecency, the court held that Zou Mingwu said he had been in physical contact with Xiao Na's consent. However, surveillance videos showed that NUA had dodged her kisses and strokes, so she refused to accept the allegations.

video display screen.

of first instance jailed for twelve and a half years

the court held that, Zou Mingwu as a teacher with the qualification of the occupation, but also minor Huna and the tutor, but in the process of teaching the use of identity convenience against occupation morals, repeatedly rape, forced lewd minor students.

, the supreme law of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, Ministry of Justice issued "Regulations on punishing the crime of sexual abuse of minors:" opinion "for the crime of sexual abuse of minors, should be strictly punished; rape, indecent assault against minors, should be severely punished, have a special responsibility to minors people