Adverse! Dongguan 16 year old girl was her boyfriend broke up, poured kerosene ignition burning

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Adverse! Dongguan 16 year old girl was her boyfriend broke up, poured kerosene ignition burning

2017-12-27 09:29:23 445 ℃

16 a year old girl repeatedly up to 8 years older than her boyfriend , Lei , but has since boyfriend opposition failed. A Chao did not think so, in November 8th, when she was in the two share in Dongguan Liaobu rented room, once again broke up, he was her boyfriend poured kerosene burned the body, cause body 30% burns. Now, it has spent more than 110 thousand of the medical expenses, so that the poor families can not afford to bear, only to leave the hospital temporarily.

a'chao from Hunan Hengyang. After graduating in the early July of this year, I went to Liaobu to work with my classmates because he did not go to high school. In a clothing store in Liaobu as a salesman. During the period, after the introduction of his classmates, he talked about love with his brother, A Lei. "A Lei is 24 years old, working in an electronics factory in Liaobu, and also from Hengyang." At first, he said, the two people were getting along well, but then she learned from the other population that A Lei had deliberately concealed something from her. "For example, he had been in jail before, for example, a child." He said that if she knew these things early, she would never talk to A Lei about her friends and men.

11 8 afternoon, Chao and A Lei came to the two people in Liaobu City auto parts businesses 4 Lane Street rental housing industry group. " he was afraid I wouldn't go upstairs with him. He picked up a brick downstairs and forced me to go upstairs, ." At the rental room, A Lei forced her to sit on the bed with a brick. "I just opened and said, 'we don't fit," he threw bricks away. took a bottle containing about a kilogram of kerosene and poured kerosene on me. After that, he poured some kerosene on his body. Ah, said that the kerosene in the bottle is previously bought from the Internet to fill the lighter.

girl body 30% of the burn area

after A Lei poured kerosene, lit with a lighter himself, and then hold a not to let her escape, trying to die with her. "I cried out for help. The next door neighbor saw a fire in the house and put a bucket to the fire." The fire was quickly extinguished. All two of them were burned and they were sent to the hospital. Because A Lei was very slight, and soon the hospital, and in 30% of the area of the body burns, spent more than 20 days in the ICU of Dongguan People's Hospital.

a'chao father Mr. Ou said, they came home from Hunan to Dongguan, her daughter has been in the intensive care room, unable to speak, so how to burn were not, to find her daughter's boyfriend A Lei was also not found. "Until November 28th, daughter transferred to a general ward, she said that her boyfriend was poured kerosene burn. So he hurried the police. "

Nandu reporters saw the burnt out ah Chao yesterday in the Municipal People's hospital. Besides the face without big burn surface, the chest, back and extremities had relatively large burn surfaces. When a reporter visited a father, Mr. ou are handling the discharged from hospital for her daughter. "Now it has spent more than 110 thousand of the medical fee, and it still owes nearly 10 thousand to the hospital. This has been an operation, and the next two operations to do, there is no money, can only be out of the hospital to think about the way. Mr. Europe said helplessly.

Nandu reporter then learned from the police department, the town of Liaobu Public Security Bureau has intentional injury case on a case investigation to be hurt. At present, the case is still in the further investigation.

Nandu journalist He Yonghua

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