Another year's season: my 2017

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Another year's season: my 2017

2017-12-28 18:25:21 285 ℃

of a lawyer, the most gratifying thing is to trust, to maximize the maintenance of their own legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

only to a major case in 2017, I had the privilege to participate in the "100 quanfan red pass staff Liu's work, laid the foundation for Liu to get lenient punishment, but also in order to maintain the judicial authority of the state;

state" fox hunting action "in Tianjin City, returning to surrender before a state-owned enterprises the general manager Zhang successfully defending and convince the judicial organs to probation;

(MH370 in the case of Beijing railway court)

in the Olympic champion Sun Moucai property dispute case, I assess the situation by mediation will be the case in a smooth end; the real tour v. the dispute in the case of a tour agency I submitted to Zhejiang procuratorate protest is successful and the case in property disputes mediation; Lee divorce case my agent, according to the Law rights, after our four court trial after eight years of effort will win.

is a national performing arts star Wang, sumou case, case programmer tenor Ma case, a Chengde KTV explosion, after hard work, the case has been steadily advancing and restore justice.


exciting MH370 case also usher in substantial progress in this year, the two countries have been hearing hearing, hearing from different angles, more determined the incident to ascertain the facts, to implement the responsibility of confidence.

I always think that all things in the world, the only time can not live up to.

so, no matter in work, in life or in entertainment, I rarely waste time.

on the outside, my feet than most people in a hurry; in the peer opinion, every day I have started in the "crisis" and the pro, finally successfully closed; in the eyes of friends in my life than most people rich and colorful, but there is little hard; I think of a person attitude towards time determines the extent of its excellent quality of life and life, so, I choose to do a chase and diaokeshiguang people from the beginning, and hope to work with people. Get relief. This choice may be hard, but also happy. It started from the beginning of my life, including the 2017.

if the case index began in 2017 after the Spring Festival, I served as Zhao Moumou suspected fraud defender, but until late December 2017, I returned to Beijing in the United States District Court in Columbia at the end of Malaysia Airlines MH370 case is part of the families of the passengers v. United States Boeing tort damages cases for the first time after the hearing, I realized: 2017 near the end!

(in the forum)

suddenly review, only this year, his day in the Chinese more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the judicial organs between the shuttle, shuttle, also went to Europe and the United States Multi Country investigation and hearing, speech, imperceptibly fly. The course of the cumulative reach more than 250 thousand km, and in this process, the agency has more than 200 cases, one case with national influence also has more than 10 parts. In this case, 2017 is a hard year!

famous poet Lu You poem "a humble dare not forget about". Despite the heavy workload, I always hope to help the society in the case of agency cases. For this reason, I have ten social responsibilities. For example, for many years, I have been an arbitrator of many famous commercial arbitration structures. In 2017 alone, I heard and ruled dozens of commercial disputes, involving nearly 1 billion yuan. Then I served as executive vice president of the Beijing Institute of aviation law as an example, a year ago, the association always on a mission, temper forward, work together for the development of China's aviation and aviation law.

(invited to participate in Shanxi TV's top advisory column

recording) I lead Beijing Lanpeng law firm every year engaged in a large number of public legal services and undertake legal aid obligations. Therefore, 2017 is also a year that will not forget the beginning of the heart and continue to move forward.

of course, in the case of clearance, or sightseeing, travel or lecture, or interview, or comments, or with the colleagues talk about their views on the hot social problems and judicial cases, or a teacher, but also a great joy in my life.

(invited to shoot the film for a business)

to 2017, my lawyer has been nearly 30 years. During this process, I deeply realized that: as a lawyer, if we want to do well in every case, besides having ideals, enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we need to grasp the law, understand the law and apply the law accurately. In 2018, I will continue to practice the way of running the country according to law in a fair and just way. I hope that on the way forward, I will encounter more friends who also don't forget their hearts and stick to their beliefs.