Sorry, your express is eaten! These four bottles of beef sauce are burning, and the courier will eat everything!

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Sorry, your express is eaten! These four bottles of beef sauce are burning, and the courier will eat everything!

2017-12-28 18:28:55 273 ℃

Xiaobian found that this morning, micro-blog hot search, which was occupied by a big entertainment circle, suddenly dropped a funny topic.

, I'm sorry, your express was eaten.

point in to see, it is still our Hangzhou thing!

that is roughly this:

12 12, @ssssssssuuuu users from Hangzhou Yuantong courier sent four bottles of sauce beef to friends @ - cream - rabbit, was eaten by the courier results! Because there is no mail would have been eaten, contact customer service is a variety of tact to kick a ball, the website kicked to the phone, the phone to play to the site, did not give the processing results until now......

see here, you may be curious, how can this be done?! Indeed, according to friends said, a sophisticated customer service is not started...

, some netizens may say, that complaint to the post official website, four connections, they are all afraid of the complaints of the postal administration. This is really a good way, but it doesn't work in the case.

, because the courier actually didn't send out, there was no odd information and no logistics information, so it couldn't complain in the post official website. Is this a really a deadlock?

was originally a "micro-blog rights protection". The result is that netizens respond in the comments below, unexpectedly, they are met with such a ridiculous thing that express is eaten.

"/1ydzximg/0I0M3SGrLw" paoti, said the four bottles of sauce beef back to be eaten in Hangzhou! Micro-blog hot search, a lot of comments, and "good" netizens to question: will this be the beef sauce seller's hype? But

was immediately the parties face:

said up to now have not PO beef sauce "Yizhao", you feel:

don't wonder how good, people do not sell it...

according to the PO map of the net friend, the express site of the matter is the service point of the Hangzhou Xiasha Jinsha lake of Yutong. A big wave of sand students expressed their surprise?!

has a netizen suggestion, do not call the alarm processing?

but is it a theft?

and a lot of netizens went to the micro-blog (ZE) to ask (Nan): is beef sauce good?

seems to be the temptation of "enthusiasm" of friends, today (December 28th) morning, and finally (finally?) Again, reconnect with the Internet users. The latest processing result of

is: the

express company said that the courier who was responsible for the receipt was not a tact person since December 4th, but the Tun will pay for the beef sauce.

emmm... How can there be a surprise,

's very familiar sense of routines...

anyway... It's a temporary worker's pot.

finally, a small summary of the experience and lessons of the net friends, the most important is the fourth!

1. express food, there must be a number of pictures to take down the number of...

2. weighing, weigh weight ahead of mark...

3. packing is tight, hard to package...

4. can eat it, eat it yourself.