Don't do this in the circle of friends! A mother daughter in Suzhou was tracked and her daughter was almost kidnapped

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Don't do this in the circle of friends! A mother daughter in Suzhou was tracked and her daughter was almost kidnapped

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now a lot of people can't leave WeChat, every now and then brush a circle of friends to see what the friends have shared. The circle of friends, happy sun, the sun, the sun baby bag is more There are plenty of people who. However, at the same time, there may be some unknown dangers at the same time.

the woman received a reminder call to find the car bottom locator

two days later, Ms. ho to the 4S shop car to do maintenance, staff told her that her car was the installation of a thing, "I never give the car is what I let the chef put things off, they saw a moment that is likely to be GPS."

think of the strange call before, she called the police. After the police identification, he confirmed that the car on his car was indeed a positioning device. There was a telephone card in it, which was processed by the card information, and the police had the identity of a suspect.

Fengqiao Suzhou City Public Security Bureau police station Li Jiading introduction, the suspect in the alarm within a week before Ms. ho came to Suzhou from the field, and to Suzhou and the other three men living together in the hotel.

then, the police captured the four suspects. It was identified by Mrs. ho that one of the four people was her primary school classmate Hu, but the two people had never contacted each other. They only had their own WeChat.

sun circle of friends as wealth by classmates at

suspects confessed that she often in the circle of friends sun luxury, luxury cars and luxury handbags, also drying out the children's school and so on.

thus, a debt owed by Hu has been kidnapped and extorted, and three co stars have been found. Hu and his associates, starting with the place where the daughter of Mrs. ho had sunk, began to follow up.

in order to facilitate the tracking, Hu also installed the GPS location in the lady's car. After more than 10 days of tracking, Hu and others mastered the life of Mrs. Ho, and was caught by the police when he was preparing to do it. In the interrogation, the police learned that the mysterious man who called Mrs. ho to remind him was just one of the suspects.

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, where Ms. Zhang in the track after a period of time, to understand what the lady a man with a daughter living, they generate compassion, then secretly contacted Ms. ho. "I thought for a night, I didn't owe much money outside, only tens of thousands. I could finish working in three years, kidnapping or kidnapping her daughter. What did she do?" After

the incident, the police seized tools such as knives, headgear and adhesive tape to be kidnapped in the car of Hu and others.

at present, Hu and other three people have been arrested for kidnapping, and Zhang has been released on bail for reasons of surrender.

source: Jiangsu new space-time

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