A 33 year old woman has been imprisoned for years of 4 square meters, with only 19 kilograms in death.

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A 33 year old woman has been imprisoned for years of 4 square meters, with only 19 kilograms in death.

2017-12-28 18:29:22 815 ℃

source | Tokyo New Youth (tokyomen)

Chinese have a saying called the tiger does not eat,

but a recent Japanese news

refresh people's views.

according to Japanese media reports, December 23rd, the surrender said eldest daughter died at home in a couple of Osaka neyagawa alarm.

named Shi Yuan love eldest daughter (33 years old) at the time of death, height 145cm, weight only 19kg.

and the couple are 23 daily police, but AI has no breath on the 18 day around 8:30.

husband and wife were reported on the 23 day after 5 days, so they placed their daughter's body for 5 days.

the reason why Gary explained this to her mother is that if the alarm is given, the daughter will leave her side and feel very lonely.

the police immediately arrested two people, the father is called Shi Yuan Tai Xiao (55 years old), is an ordinary company clerk, the mother is called Gary (53 years old).

mother by Gary later confessed that because the eldest daughter of love in the 16, 7 year old was suffering from mental illness.

afraid in the rampage, locked in a makeshift hut, imprisoned again.

love live is a 3 house together house, their parents will be located in the middle of a room into less than 4 square meters of the house, in the room in the prison of love.

there is no windows or heating in this hut, there is only a quilt and a simple toilet. At the same time, there are surveillance cameras in the room.

is the bedroom door locked from the outside, can not be opened from the inside and outside of the room is connected with a small water tank with a pipe from the inside, can drink the water in the water tank.

husband and wife give meals to the love in the room only once a day.

seems to be in order to prevent outsiders found outside the hut also installed more than 10 surveillance cameras monitor found in couples living room, suspected in the real-time monitoring and the surrounding the house.

so love was locked in a small room by parents for 16 years, and died on the 18 th.

residents living near the house said: "style=", "no more than". I haven't thought about living there.

interviews with neighbors, neighbors said that is empty. To this extent, it is almost impossible to communicate with the neighbors. Not only children, parents are psychosis, too.

is it normal for a child to be placed in a suitable convalescent institution?

is a couple of mental exceptions.

it is very obvious that parents are very strange.

said children will rampage still don't know is true or false. It is the mental illness of the parents. 145cm, 19kg, the maltreatment of maltreatment from infancy. This physique alone rampage, walking is difficult.