Leshan 80 female teachers night run victim follow-up: suspects have been arrested, the first half of the 150 thousand light rush into danger...

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Leshan 80 female teachers night run victim follow-up: suspects have been arrested, the first half of the 150 thousand light rush into danger...

2017-12-28 18:31:01 829 ℃

12 14 July at about 18, Leshan woman Wang Mouxin to run in the park when the missing Jiazhou green heart. On the afternoon of 22, the newspaper reporter learned from its family members: Wang Mouxin had been killed, and the remains have been found. , according to the Public Security Bureau of the city of Leshan, reported that the case was robbed and killed, and the suspect, Li, had been arrested and returned to the case. (previously reported no 80 girl alone running in the park were killed, finally a circle of friends sigh......)

Wang Mouxin's photo

today, Chongqing morning news released part of the contents of upstream interview:

suspect Li Mounian is only 24 years old, because of gambling gambled 150 thousand half ready for the money to get married, then set foot on the road to rush into danger of robbery, happened to encounter alone running in the park's 31 year old female teacher Wang Mouxin.

at the end of a circle of friends

"baby, mother went out to run a lap on the back, you and grandma just watching TV at home." At about 5 p. m. on December 14th, Wang Mouxin and her 6 - year-old daughter greeted him and went out. Mother Fan Jianying said, daughter wearing a brown black mink coat, wearing a blue skirt and black pants, feet on a pair of sneakers, holding a mobile phone and headset line, "she will not carry out running with money." When

went out, Wang Mouxin ran into the entrance of the green heart park line. Green heart park, known as the "City Lung", has built a more than 10 kilometer long loop track for residents to run and ride.

Wang Mouxin's cousin Tan Junqi said, sister long line one way running in the green heart park about 3 km. Tan Junqi said, the same day at 6 pm, it was getting dark, Wang Mouxin while jogging, while WeChat posted a picture of the circle of friends, "I have come too early, or rain swirling nobody walk, with map is a runway at dusk; 4 minutes later, she replied" I have walked in this message, the big rain can only run back." Since then, there is no news.

, the deceased was born in the WeChat friend circle screenshot

, at 7 o'clock in the evening, see her daughter has not come back, Fan Jianying repeatedly called daughter phone, has been unable to dial. And to call my daughter's friends, there is no result, an unknown premonition suddenly poured into the heart of the family.

mom went to the field trip "

12 the morning of 15 August 2, after looking for fruit, the people of West to the police station, but the police say adults need to register 24 hours after missing. Along the way through

monitoring, the family found in the afternoon Wang Mouxin 5:41 left seven Begonia gate area, 10 minutes later, the door from the Green Park, the park green heart more monitoring lens damage, only to see Wang Mouxin in the 6:23 from the pond near the Bay after, then no trace.

15 day, anxious rufen family and friends instead of tracing information on the Internet, also spontaneously organized to park green heart missing, but still no trace. The 6 year old girl has been crying for her mother, and Fan Jianying can only tell her mother to go on a business trip. Give the teacher to the class teacher to say hello, let the whole class parents do not tell the children the truth.

was dead on the road of the park running

lost 7 days later the police arrested the suspect

12 on Sept. 17, Leshan police has organized hundreds of police to carry more than 10 dogs, running along the Wang Mouxin line search. As the park was too large and rained, no trace of Wang Mouxin was found on the scene. On the 22 day, the local police informed Wang Mouxin's father that Wang Mouxin's body had been found. The suspect of robbery and murder had also been arrested, so that Wang could get the autopsy notice in Leshan funeral home in the afternoon.

at the funeral home, father Wang Mingao finally saw the daughter who had been missing for 7 days. She was all scarred, her head suffered heavy losses, and the right side of her forehead collapsed, suspected of being blunt, and at the same time, many teeth were falling off. Apparently, she had been fiercely resisted before her death. Wang Mouxin wrist bracelet disappeared, together with the running when listening to music with mobile phone was snatched criminals. Old Chen

gambling red iron eye of the young man

twenty families in the District Bureau of Leshan base pendulum shoes booth, witnessed the scene of the arrest of suspects.

12 month 21 days at 3 pm, and was old Chen residents chat, suddenly see a lot of people poured out from the village, a few carry loaded guns.