The State Council ruled that Shandong farmers have won the provincial government in a lawsuit.

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The State Council ruled that Shandong farmers have won the provincial government in a lawsuit.

2017-12-28 18:32:40 934 ℃

because of land acquisition in the government practice of dissatisfaction, 30 farmers in Shandong province Jining city Surabaya county to the Shandong provincial government approved the application for administrative reconsideration, to maintain approval decisions in the provincial government after they apply for the final decision to the state council. Recently, the State Council made the administrative reconsideration decision, confirmed that the Shandong provincial government approved the project in illegal land expropriation.

"on 2012, the Surabaya County People's government issued the" Surabaya County People's Government on the implementation of Kao Peng street, West Street area of a land expropriation notice ". But in September 2011, the Shandong provincial government had approved the approval of the application for land use.


reporter from the State Department's administrative reconsideration award learned, April 2011, Shandong Surabaya county government based on preliminary diagnostic verification, according to the relevant planning and development decisions on the part of the road within the scope of the housing levy be. In September of that year, the Shandong provincial government approved the approval of land application, including the collection of 7 villages in Surabaya County, the 31.6368 communities in Xiguan community and Xiguan community.


the applicant Party's attorney Wang Weizhou told the Beijing News reporter, the villagers in October 2013 for a final decision, to the State Council in April 27, 2016, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office special the organization held a hearing on the case of Jining. At the hearing, the issue of informed confirmation became the focus of both sides of the dispute.

30 applicants believe that the land expropriation farmers' social security costs have not been implemented before land requisition, and the relevant departments have not fulfilled the notification, confirmation and hearing procedures.

and the Shandong provincial government as the respondent responded, that the government of Shandong province Surabaya County Land Resources Bureau posted a related announcement, and entrust the relevant units issued land survey review announcement, so to a certain extent to protect the landless peasants' right to know.

hearing, Surabaya county departments also submitted a notice issued by the government, land requisition compensation and photos posted on the two communities, but eventually found, these announcements posted photos were taken in 2013 during the original administrative reconsideration; relevant witnesses also said the villagers' representative meeting held in the land before to discuss the matter, but the meeting did not leave record. The

the State Council finally affirmed that there was no effective evidence in the case to prove the right to know the farmers who had been expropriated, and the reply was violated. The approval of the provincial government should be revoked or confirmed according to the law. Considering that objectively, no damage has been made to the applicant's substantive benefits such as compensation obtained after the approval of land acquisition, and part of the land has been built, so the reply is not revoked.

"the State Council administrative reconsideration ruling confirmed that the Shandong provincial government approved the project in the illegal land expropriation.

" I did not expect the government to win the lawsuit with the farmer "

: what time do you receive the State Council administrative reconsideration award?

: I was the afternoon of December 26th received the award, and then I will notify the other applicants, basically tell them, I did not expect the government to win the lawsuit with the farmers, they are very happy, very happy, how to say, is not thought.

new Beijing News : Why did you want to apply for administrative reconsideration at that time?

Hu Zhi an : that is, people feel too much pressure on land acquisition and demolition, the purpose is to enable farmers to have a satisfactory result. What is satisfactory? In fact, the demolition Department (almost done) can be able to go, we do not ask too much. At that time, the demolition did not inform us, nor did we have a meeting. Of course, this is also a matter of personal interests.

new Beijing News : later the provincial government maintained the approval, how to think of the State Council to apply for a verdict?

Hu Zhi an : just want to find a reasoning place. At that time, everyone was trying to take one step at a time, so she wanted to try.