Men and women love relationship, the accident that nearly seventy years girlfriend Ripper

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Men and women love relationship, the accident that nearly seventy years girlfriend Ripper

2017-12-28 18:34:19 851 ℃

said love sex and have about marriage, was surprised to find his girlfriend has been nearly seventy years and their differences between the five Man Wang said his girlfriend has been forced, do not want to get married and worry about things lost out the face, so will kill his girlfriend.

day before, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou City Intermediate People's Court of intentional murder and sentenced Wang to death.

water pump blocked

the wreckage was discovered accidentally in underground cleaning.

tested, the above substance is the body tissue, which belongs to Miss Shen, who has been missing for many days.

surveillance video shows

family through a variety of ways to find her, then by viewing the district surveillance video and in the police station's help, she found a black bottom safflower coat, wearing brown high-heeled boots, wearing a red purple woven knitted hat, in 12, more than 5 in the morning ride a red tricycle with a black bag out of the cell door, disappeared in the village near the whereabouts of dongsheng.

the police received the report. Through the mobile phone call list, it was found that Shen had been contacted with Hu, Xu, Wang and others before missing.

Xu is the teacher of Ms. Shen's dance square. The last meeting of the two is on the evening of November 11th.

family made a circle of friends issued Ms. Shen missing news, a hotel staff told Ms. Shen family, October 31st at noon Hu had in the hotel room, and Ms. Shen spent 3 hours, a gold necklace after Ms. Shen repeatedly return to hotel looking for the lost.

to this, Hu also acknowledged. But the police have ruled out the suspicion of the two people.

Ms. Shen's daughter said that he had seen Wang, when it was a day in May 2016. Wang Moulai had eaten lunch with Miss Shen's family, but did not know why he came to eat at home.

after further investigation police found Ms. Shen and Wang frequent contact, the last call is November 12th at 5:30 in the morning to call Wang, call 12 seconds long. In addition to the transfer of the road monitoring video, the police will lock the suspect Wang.

according to a local chess room owner, he has known Wang for seven or eight years. Wang likes gambling, he often goes to all the mahjong shops to gamble, and his temper is not very good. He often puts a knife on his body.

a neighbor of Wang said that Wang and his wife had been divorced for decades. Since 2011, Wang lived alone. He had no job and liked gambling. He seldom stayed at home. He usually had little contact with people, including his family.

police investigation confirmed that Wang was more than 50 years old and had been detained for two times for robbery, theft and assault. He was sentenced to detention for 3 months because of theft. The sentence was released in August 18, 2016.

but when Wang was first summoned to the police station, it did not account for the facts of the crime. After that, the police went to Wang's residence for a survey, and the scene was extracted to the suspected blood. By DNA comparison, confirmation of non blood Wang's own blood, to determine the major crime suspects wang.

re inquiry, Wang Mou.

accidentally found his girlfriend nearly seventy years of

to marry for fear of losing face to kill

Wang said, in March 2016, he met Ms. Shen in a mahjong Association, developed into male and female friends, have sex, after Ms. Shen repeatedly asked to marry him. Ms. Shen is good for Wang. In May 2016, Wang was arrested for suspected theft. In May 26th, Ms. Shen, in the name of a relative of Wang, went to the court to deal with the pending trial and provide a guarantee. On the same day, Wang went to Miss Shen's for lunch and also borrowed 17000 dollars from Ms. Shen.

Wang said, when she met Ms. Shen, she said she was similar to her age, but once he saw Ms. Shen's identity card, she found Ms. Shen was 69 years old.

because of the problem of age, Wang strongly disagrees with Ms. Shen marry. He said, November 12th