A small group of people in Chongqing continued to send voice reports to the leaders and was approved to be "problematic."

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A small group of people in Chongqing continued to send voice reports to the leaders and was approved to be "problematic."

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many people like to use WeChat's voice function quickly and conveniently. But recently, the public Zhang Ke was asked to reissue the text version because of using this function. After that, he was publicly criticized for his "work attitude problem", which made him depressed. According to

reporter's investigation, many people are disgusted with WeChat's voice because of "inconvenient listening", "easy to mishear", "easy to bring pressure and trouble".

voice reporting

was criticized by the public attitude of "misconduct" of

4 14 in the morning, the upstream slow news - Chongqing evening news reporter in Guanyin Bridge city a coffee shop to see Zhang Ke, he is 27 years old, 1.72 meters tall, had been working in a new media company in Tongnan, in March of this year came to Yubei a micro enterprise incubator park public relations work.

, "our department is mainly responsible for organizing, publicizing, planning and planning work in the incubation garden. Things are rather tedious. We often need to ask and report to leaders, and then proceed to work according to instructions. Not long ago, Zhang Ke said, there was a company in the hatchery that developed a new product that needed to be released and attracted to the outside world, and the director arranged for him to help follow up. Zhang Ke said that after accepting the project, he thought of what ideas he had, or what happened to him. He sent WeChat voice message directly to his supervisor, and he sent six or seven articles in two days.

Zhang Ke said, on the first day, when the director received the voice message, he replied to a "good". On the second day, he sent out four voice messages, and the leader returned a sentence "driving and sending words". The upstream slow news - Chongqing evening news reporter saw that each of the voice messages sent by Zhang Ke is 10 seconds ~35 seconds.

Zhang Ke said, he in accordance with the requirements into a text message to send, think about this article, unexpectedly, at the beginning of April when the park opened up, in charge of work attitude suddenly mentioned at the meeting, and opened his mobile phone WeChat said: "look, this is some of my colleagues to send me the news report the situation, a large segment of the voice message, can send text messages not? Will it be a waste of time? In a word, I think this attitude is very bad. " Zhang Ke's face was flushed, because his supervisor opened the WeChat dialog box and he was in charge. The

manager also announced that WeChat could still be used for future reporting, but in the form of text.


Zhang Fa: voice message is not rigorous

Zhang Ke told reporters, in fact although they send voice message, but speak logic clear, polite, and no offense in charge of meaning, always wanted to communicate and charge explain, but I don't know how to say. "It was not long before this unit came to this unit, and it was very worried that the leadership had left a bad impression on it."

15 morning at 11 a.m., the upstream slow news Chongqing evening news reporter called Zhang Ke's supervisor, Ms. Fu, and worried about Zhang Ke. Mrs. Fu smiled and said Zhang Ke worried. She just wanted to emphasize her attitude. Ms.

said, in fact, not only Zhang Ke, but sometimes she received some subordinates' voice reporting work, but Chang Ke's long speech could not be accepted by her. Ms. Fu said that sometimes it is a problem that is restricted by the environment or the ability to express language in the other side. It needs to be heard several times to understand the meaning. In addition, although speech can be translated into text, it is often wrong to translate. Moreover, Chongqing dialect does not support voice translation: "so I think it's better to communicate in work and use words to express attitude and effect.

survey: in these cases, the fear of the voice message "

upstream slow news - Chongqing evening news reporter interviewed 33 people, ranging in age from 19 years old ~45 years old, of which more than 6 of respondents said that compared to a voice message, more willing to receive text messages, and even in many cases of" annoying "received pronunciation the news. Mr. Song, a

45 year old general manager of a KTV in the sand area, said that his voice message to his subordinates would only bring him two impressions: 1, lazy; 2, he did not respect him. Miss Xu,

26 years old, is a kindergarten teacher. She will communicate with her parents for a long time to communicate with her parents. She is most afraid of sending voice messages by parents, especially the news of large segments, which is hard and exhausting.

21 year old Xiao Jiaotong University in college, he said, his class, University in Guangzhou, his girlfriend sent some voice message to himself, he had to use text converter translation, content should include "break up" and other words, he was vaguely a lesson after listening to it is said that his girlfriend, "and just XX apart, prepare yourself to be."

28 year old Xiao Hua (a pseudonym) to work in a wedding company in our city, she think Tucao is our leader: "he loves to send voice, accent and heavy, we often don't understand not dare, wrong is criticized." Xiao Hua said, after every time she received the voice, she would repeat the meaning of the leadership expression in words, let him see and confirm the execution again.

said that many respondents, sometimes in a meeting, talking about the project, class time, receive voice messages will be very anxious heart long and difficult, in addition, read the text, can stop at any time to continue, and automatic voice playing if after the interruption, resumed listening time cost and operation cost is high, and not preview cannot copy, forward, can not find, can not "breakpoint play". Based on these reasons, many respondents believe that friends and colleagues should not give voice to each other, and those who are most suitable for voice communication should be lovers, children and parents.

experts say: send voice is the convenience of their own

society of Chongqing City psychological member, University College London psychologist Dr Chen Zhilin said that although the text input is slow, but the efficiency is very high, and send a voice message time is short, but the other side of the understanding of time has increased substantially, from this point of view, in many cases, send voice although convenient for yourself, but wasting each other's time, or even bring pressure and trouble for others. Of course, this is not to deny the voice message, but should choose the right time and the right object.

Beijing Normal University Master of psychology, national two counselors @ General Guo (Wang Min) wrote a short essay "please do not give me a micro channel voice message", the paper said, the voice of the people, the cost is relatively low, so it is easy in the mixed with a lot of key information is not important listen to the voice of the content; people have to force myself to all content zhaodanquanshou.

voice information needs to be listened attentively, and higher requirements for brain processing information are also raised. So we can feel a lot of pressure when we see the voice message. Therefore, before voice communication is needed, it is suggested that we first think about what the other person is doing, and whether the voice will be too presumptuous, or will we ask first, are you listening to the voice now?

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- Liu Yuanhang, a reporter for the Chongqing evening news reporter Wang Wei interviewee