Pick up the mobile phone for 2 seconds and hit the car 50 thousand

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Pick up the mobile phone for 2 seconds and hit the car 50 thousand

2018-04-16 10:25:14 137 ℃

comes from the news of the field of view: driving with a mobile phone, distracting the driver's attention, is very easy to cause traffic accidents. The day before yesterday in Yubei District Luneng Nine Star City District, on the occurrence of such an accident, the driver stooped to pick up in the seat of the mobile phone, the vehicle onto the sidewalk, crashed a car parked on the sidewalk of the car, car damage costs more than 50 thousand yuan.

the day before yesterday morning, who lives in Fijian Zhang drive to work. When he drove to the Luneng nine blocks from the Metro branch, the mobile phone rang, Zhang touch for a long time did not find where the original mobile phone, mobile phone fell into the passenger seat down, Zhang anxious to answer the phone, then use the left hand holding the steering wheel, and then extend the right hand to pick up the mobile phone side, but the distance is not enough a. As a result, Zhang bent down and reached down to pick up the cell phone. At this time, his right foot on the accelerator pedal, when he bends down at the same time, the right foot to step on, only to hear the vehicle throttle "bang", the car driving speed, suddenly rushed to the sidewalk, a black car parked on the roadside and had a fierce collision...

hit a low head up to 2 seconds, and the two car crash occurred. Fortunately, the accident was not caused by damage to the vehicle, the car and the car pedestrian casualties of personnel. But two cars lost more than 5 million yuan. Zhang because of distracted driving accidents, in addition to all the losses borne the accident, was the police administrative punishment imposed a fine of 100 yuan, down 2 points.