Why does "physical change" cause "chemical reactions"? The rural collective property rights system reform "founder" road trip

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Why does "physical change" cause "chemical reactions"? The rural collective property rights system reform "founder" road trip

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original title: why does "physical change" cause "chemical reactions"? The rural collective property rights system reform by Wade "founder" Lu

Xinhua news agency in Harbin on 16 April, : "physical changes caused by" why "chemical reaction"? The rural collective property rights system reform by Wade "founder" Lu

Xinhua News Agency reporter Guan Jiantao

the Songhua River tide coming, black land full of vitality.

from the first national rural land ownership registration pilot, to the national first batch of pilot reform of rural collective property rights system, fangzheng County of Heilongjiang province continue to early adopters of rural reform, tasted the sweetness, taste the flavor "".

they didn't change! The people in the village are still those in the village, the village collective or the village group.

they've changed again! Farmers become investors, and their pockets are drums; resources become assets, and village collectives are rich; collective things, farmers are more aware of their owners.

the reform of the rural collective property right system is "physical change". Why has it triggered the "chemical reaction" of rural development?

farmers laughed.

rural collective property right system reform is a major measure to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and increase farmers' property income.

in the morning, 64 year old farmer Wang Zhiming early up vegetable greenhouse.

straight waist Xieqi time, several neighbors chat in the courtyard: "at the beginning of last year was the year before last year this year fast red, red?" The

villagers benefited from the reform. In

2017, Lao Wang's passbook was 1104.47 yuan more.

money is not much, but it is of great significance. For the first time in his life, Lao Wang took the village for the first time.

Wang Zhiming is a farmer in Fangzheng County, fangzheng County, Jianguo village. In 2015, Fang was the first pilot county in the country to reform the collective property rights and energy of rural collective assets.

"the reform clearly clarifies the farmers' shares and rights to the collective assets of the village, and the farmers can hold and share the dividends according to their shares." Cao Laijun, Secretary of the Party branch of the village of Jianguo village, said.

shares how many shares vary from household to household. "4 people in my family, 4 shares of the population, 24.6 mu of land, 7.72 shares of the land stock, and a total of 11.72 shares." Lao Wang carefully took out a good stock certificate and smiled. "The farmer turns into a shareholder!" The farmers in

county have been divided by 5 million 276 thousand and 600 yuan, with a maximum of more than 1500 yuan.

is the same village, and the dividend per share may not be the same. Many villages in Fangzheng county are combined villages, and there are many differences in the assets before the merger. In order to avoid the different groups of farmers, village disputes, some village to village as a unit before the merger of the separate accounting of collective assets.

in order to make reform to benefit more poverty, fangzheng county part of the village has also established a poverty alleviation for the poor households two shares, dividend. In addition to direct infrared

, some farmers' collective shares can be mortgaged. In 2017, the town of the town of Xinhua Village, the farmer soup, is 15 thousand yuan. At present, the new mortgage guarantee business set up in Fangzheng county has reached 355 million yuan.

has realized the right of farmers to occupy collective assets and shares, and realized the right of mortgage and security of collective assets and shares by farmers. Wang Zhong, director of the general station of the rural cooperative economy management in Fangzheng County, said.

collectively "

" to deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system, it is necessary to protect farmers' property rights and interests, and to expand the collective economy. Compared to

and now smiling, 3 years ago that "reform" rural collective property rights system, Wang Zhiming "one hundred is not willing to".

Heilongjiang province has a large area of land, and many farmers increase some of the cultivated land by opening up the wasteland. In the past, most of them were open, and the village collectives had almost no charge. In the reform of

, fangzheng County, in line with the principle of regulating collective asset operation activities, charges the newly approved Resources approved by the land approval authority, and the cost is unified into the management of village collective economic organizations.

"I and my companion, a shovel of 3 acres of land, over 30 years have not paid. This reform, the village has to charge, you say I would like it? " Wang Zhiming was in a great mood.

"the land of the countryside is collective, and the land that is after the wasteland also belongs to the collective. In the past, there was no charge for the loss of collective resource assets and the imbalance between the villagers' possession of the resources. Now the charge is to solve these problems. The collective income of the village will be divided according to the shares. " Wang Zhong's words eliminated a lot of incomprehension. The reason for

is clear. Wang Zhiming's attitude has also changed. "After deducting 600 yuan of newly increased farmland contract fee, dividends can be left over 500 yuan."

currently, fangzheng county new resources have reached 18 million 500 thousand yuan, all included in the village collective economic organization management, participation in share dividends. The collective dividend of the village has reached 2 million 284 thousand and 400 yuan. 35 joint stock economic cooperatives postpone the dividend after the Democratic resolution, and use some of the surplus to repay the debt, expand production and develop public welfare undertakings.

charges the new resources to prevent "a few people invade the interests of the majority" is the first step, and the collective economic growth of the village needs to solve the problem of operating income.

Fangzheng county has established stock economic cooperatives in 67 villages, and has begun to take the responsibility of management, operation and maintenance of collective assets as an independent market economy entity.

's sleepy resources become dynamic assets. De Shan Xiang an Le Cun using "5 barren" resource shares, investment to build ecological leisure park, the village collective annual income of 100 thousand yuan. The rural collective economy of

is growing gradually. Compared with the pre reform, the village collective income of the county has increased by 2.7 times, and the debt village has been reduced by 13.

relationship has cleared up the reform of

collective property right system in rural areas, and we need to form a new mechanism of rural collective economic operation that embodies collective superiority and arouses individual enthusiasm. After the reform of

, a lot of local cadres found a new phenomenon: the village collective, the farmers are more heart.

"the assets of the village are collectively owned and related to the farmers in the village. But the relationship can't be seen and felt, as if it had little to do with anyone. " A farmer said, in the past a lot of farmers to the village collective thing when business, "will not touch".

"now the collective assets of the village are all share and share, which is directly related to me." Wang Zhiming said, "the things that move to the collective are the same as my own things."

last year, the village of Jianguo rented two rice harvesters through an open bid. One of the villagers wanted to dredge up the price of other bidders, and was stopped by Wang Zhiming. "It is better to get out of the offending people."

's property right reform has aroused the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in the operation of the rural collective economy, largely because it clarified the right and responsibility of the operation and management of the rural collective assets. Before the reform of

, many areas are the collective resources of the village committee of the village committee. After the reform, the Party branch, village collective economic organizations, new three carriages and their duties." Zhong Yueguo, the old secretary of the town of Binlian village, said that now the responsibilities and responsibilities are clear, and the collective economic organization decides that the grassroots party organizations should transform from management to service.

reform is "deep"

, every time the direct reasons of rural reform may be different, but the fundamental purpose is to liberate and develop productive forces, so that farmers can share the fruits of reform and development. Why should

promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system? Not to change, some of the loss of collective assets, resources sleep, funds idle; not changed, farmers' land, work to increase income is weak, narrow channels for income increase...

"production team, working to earn work points; the household contract, their own kind, but to pay grain tax; tax reform do not pay tax, and subsidies." Wang Zhiming did not think of that, "more and more good things, now the village collective can give dividends, collective ownership can also be mortgaged."

rural reform has been gradually deepened, and countless "Wang Zhiming" have tasted sweet. In

2012, the land is right, the quantity and ownership of the land are clearer. The land management right can be mortgaged, which has laid the foundation for the follow-up reform.

today, rural collective property rights system reform and let the founder realized "resource assets, fund shares, farmers become shareholders".

looks back on the reform, and it doesn't go well. Some farmers do not understand, do not support; some cadres have the fear of emotions, thoughts of laziness; instability is also prone to.

"continue to promote rural reform, not only have the courage to take the lead and drive, and the need to dare to tackle tough problems, the real thing determination and drive." Fangzheng county Party Secretary Dong Wenqin said, we are not afraid to touch the contradiction, to reform the wrecker.

, including the founder of 29 national rural collective property rights system reform has ended, but the cause of reform unfinished. How do resource assets play a high benefit? How to make full use of collective equity? Fang Zheng is still exploring. In

2017, 100 pilot units were set up in the country, which will increase to 300 this year. In order to provide institutional support for the strategy of rural revitalization, the overall deepening of rural reform has been opened.