Powerful! Today Zhengzhou person micro channel bus, there is the opportunity for free travel!

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Powerful! Today Zhengzhou person micro channel bus, there is the opportunity for free travel!

2018-04-16 20:25:14 128 ℃

today, together with the friend after the bus

on the car, he took out a penny!

when I was about to throw money, I hurried to stop him:

brother Dei, what time is it, still using small change?

is now popular with the WeChat brush code to take the bus!

you don't know it's out of the woods!

WeChat brush code by bus

and there have been a variety of promotions

, Zhengzhou people are playing

2 month 8

Zhengzhou bus WeChat brush code to take a full line!

Zhengzhou bus group

car can directly brush WeChat

Tencent Zhengzhou bus ride code line not long after

wave of welfare followed to

the first March "a penny drive"

January is not the end of the

in April is still in place for public welfare!

two months to

I Zhengzhou resident

was completely Tencent car code "a penny on the bus"

Shuabing, detonated, boiling

every day by bus is free single!

bus stand by random, the highest free single "text-align: center"

4 16 July - April 30th

Zhengzhou bus open "stand by random"

" Zhengzhou bus code "

every day eligible for a random minus concessions

style= and , the highest free single!!

wave of "text-align: center style=

let you ride code endless love!

doesn't know how to use WeChat bus


< br>

WeChat found in the "discovery" - "small program"

" search code style= bus Tencent"

or scan the QR code below

"strong>" can also enter the

" Zhengzhou bus code "

click" immediately opened "

ride code "

near the scan code machine brush

machine prompts issued scan code to success" speech

without waiting for the payment confirmation page to

0.2 seconds on the train!

fare to support real-time and asynchronous

< strong> achieve "first ride, pay after"

no small change and bus card friend

as long as a mobile phone

can be traveled in Zhengzhou ~

use the "Zhengzhou bus ride code" to get rid of the change.

environmental protection, save heart, save money

enjoy smart travel!

pay attention to the "Tencent" car code "official WeChat public

to master the one hand welfare information!

treasure treasure remember

directly with the small salary oh ~

1 thumbs 5 cents! For < strong>< strong>< strong> for


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editor: Yang Xueling