The Cantonese police "hurricane" chasing 638 people, the longest escape time of 14 years

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The Cantonese police "hurricane" chasing 638 people, the longest escape time of 14 years

2018-04-16 20:25:14 128 ℃

Jinyang reporter correspondent Zhang Luyao Zeng Xiang Long Wang Wei Li Changda

of Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau 16 held a press conference said recently, according to the central "anti crime crime" special struggle against criminal crime in Guangdong province and the prominent "hurricane 2018" special action of the unified deployment, the Provincial Department of public security of the province public security organs to carry out continuous hurricane 1 "hurricane" No. 2 "pursuit project to close the net action, successfully arrested fugitives were 638, the detection of a large number of major criminal cases, started the first battle of Guangdong this year focus arrest fugitive.

it is understood that this year, the provincial public security department closely around the black evil crime case fugitive this focus, combined with the Guangdong public security "wisdom new policing strategy, found success from massive data and sort out a number of suspects fugitives clues, set up a" hurricane "hurricane No. 1" 2 "action task force focused on hunting. The

"hurricane No. 1" Project Pursuit Group in Shanghai, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan and other 11 provinces to carry out a high-tech under the condition of "wisdom pursuit battle, captured all kinds of fugitives 264, in which the murder fugitives 7 shehei 4 fugitives, 173 fugitives involved in evil case more than 3 fugitives, the crime of intentional injury case, more than 77 fugitives. The campaign has captured more than 35 fugitives for more than 5 years, of which the longest escape time is 14 years.

"hurricane No. 2" task force in March 27th to April 15th in just 20 days, the main battleground in Guangdong, synchronized with the net action in Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other more than ten provinces, successfully captured 374 fugitives.


shehei case fugitives fled 7 years, take the initiative to the Guangzhou Baiyun police surrendered to

2011 in May, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau in the investigation of Baiyun branch entrenched in Xin Lou Cun, Baiyun District area evil forces series of cases, the villagers Zhong Mouyang (male, aged 24) suspected of organizing, leading, in the Mafia case. The police then carried out the net action, bell Mouyang escaped. After that, Baiyun police didn't give up the hunt for Zhong Mouyang, and sort out the possible whereabouts by various means, but it seemed as if the world had evaporated.

"hurricane No. 1" pursuit of action after the start, Baiyun police comprehensive hunt the previous situation, decided to focus on the family, parents, take the "psychological" policy, through the way of urging the bell family to persuade Mouyang surrender. As long as they have time, the police will take the time to sit in the bell house and sit down with Zhong Mouyang's parents. A bell began to Mouyang parents are very inconsistent, but for a long time, the legal policy, fair and reasonable analysis of the pros and cons of slowly ear into the heart.

3 late last month, bell Mouyang accompanied by his family to Baiyun police surrendered on 2011, and participating in Mafia Crime confessed.


a case of Shenzhen Gang harm Party for nearly 10 years, "hurricane No. 2" fugitive arrested suspects

2015 in June, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Baoan branch to carry out the investigation of a gang, the gang from the beginning of 2006, in Baoan District to implement a series of affray, intentional injury, casino, illegal detention and other criminal acts, has been formed in the local illegal control and significant influence, seriously disrupting the local people's life, work environment and social order, but the gang members he had been on the run.

"hurricane No. 2" pursuit project to close the net action after the start, Shenzhen Baoan Public Security Bureau immediately organized elite police around, issued by ministries and agencies to carry out in-depth analysis of intelligence clues. Clues show that he suspected of hiding in Yongchuan District of Chongqing, Baoan Branch police through investigation, it is confirmed that it may live in a district of Yongchuan District, immediately sent to the local to carry out the chase.

in Yongchuan strong cooperation of the police, the police in April 3rd, through unremitting efforts, the police finally found traces of the suspects, confirm the suspect in the home, the police arrested the rapid implementation of the arrests, the success of Baoan District's "105 shehei project" the fugitive suspects arrested.