It is the most difficult place to stop parking in the urban area! │We have rain this weekend!

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It is the most difficult place to stop parking in the urban area! │We have rain this weekend!

2018-05-04 00:25:38 314 ℃

Chuangcheng Feature

In order to further standardize the parking order at Yanguan Model Street in the main urban area of ​​Luzhou City, the maximum Reduce the adverse impact of motor vehicles on the order of traffic. The traffic police team of Luzhou City uses Yuhe Road as the area to strictly control the model street, and finely manages the traffic order along Yuhe Road. The Yuhe West Road (around the IRS, land bureau, real estate bureau, garden bureau, and human resources bureau) In order to strictly control demonstration sites, we must create a strict model road and use the “micro-circulation” method of urban road traffic organization to optimize the regional traffic organization design so as to balance the traffic flow around the area and solve the problem of parking around the area. , Crack traffic jams.

Planning before parking plan

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Study of multiple investigations


According to the city’s traffic police detachment’s work plan for Chuangcheng, a large traffic police team based on their own work, seriously combing Yuhe West Road (IRS, Land Bureau, Real Estate Bureau, Garden Bureau, Human Resources Bureau) Traffic conditions, through on-site investigations and on-site visits, fully understand and tap the role of the roads around the “five major bureaus” in the roads of the area, and combine the status of nearby residential buildings and office buildings to give priority to the development of urban traffic micro-circulation from a planning perspective.

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Overall PlanningConstruction cycle


Bozhou City traffic police brigade to Yuhe West Road (national tax The Bureau of Lands, the Land Bureau, the Real Estate Bureau, the Bureau of Landscaping, and the surrounding areas of human resources shall carry out meticulous combing of the illegally parked vehicles. The stringent pipelines shall be opened to the National Tax Bureau, the Land Bureau, the Real Estate Bureau, the Bureau of Landscape Architecture and the Bureau of Human Resource Management in front of the square. Access roads will remove and remove obstacles that occupy road resources, turn the "five major roads" in front of the road into two-way two-lane roads, and form a one-way clockwise microcirculation around the roads of the "five major bureaus" to facilitate the masses. Come to handle business to create a good access environment.

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Parallel parking spaces

< p> Traffic police unitA large number of manpower and material resources are allocated to this area. The parking berths shall be unified in this area, blind roads and pedestrian paths shall be avoided, barrier-free passages shall be established, and the front of the vehicle shall be guided in a uniform manner so that reasonable plans can be made and plans should be drawn up. This not only solves the masses The problem of difficult parking when handling business is also convenient for pedestrians, which is both safe and convenient.

Unify the marking of the project markings and set up the prohibition stop sign to prevent the occurrence of chaos in the area. The penalties for the traffic control department of the illegal vehicles will be punished accordingly.

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Build Traffic Microcirculation


Through the implementation of traffic microcirculation, one-way Through access, isolation, and optimization of traffic signal timing and socialized management, we have effectively solved the problems of “five major bureaus” and neighboring communities in chaos and difficulty in accessing traffic, and used traffic lane micro-circulation to maximize the utilization rate of road resources and enhance people’s accessibility. Satisfaction rate for traffic travel.

Effective after planning


Dianzhou Traffic PolicemanThe team reminds you:

In the creation of a civilized city and strict control of the demonstration street, it is hoped that the general public and friends will actively advocate civilized traffic behaviors, consciously abandon traffic habits, and resolutely resist dangerous driving behavior. Let us jointly create A civilized and harmonious lion city.

Today, our city has a clear blue sky,

no clouds,

< p>How can a word be beautiful!

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When you shoot the weather, blue is like this.

Temperature: Upgrading tomorrow, Slight fluctuations on weekends

4 days

Continued to maintain good weather,

The temperature picked up quickly,

The highest temperature in the city was 30°C.

Before and after noontime, the UV rays are stronger.

We need to pay attention to applying sunscreen, playing parasols, etc. in time.

However, this weekend,

Naughty cold air,

Blood and presence,

Temperature fluctuations,

< Strong>5 days

The highest temperature in the city is 28 °C.

6 days

The highest temperature in the city is 26°C,

but even if the temperature fluctuates,

However, warming up is a general trend.

Warm Tips:

The temperature difference between day and night in the near future is still relatively large.

Please adjust the dress appropriately,

Dry and dry, note Water moistening.

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Precipitation: Escape the "rain" spell every weekend

Tomorrow night to day 5,

>Overcast and overcast in the province,

South of Zhangjiakou, South of Chengde, Baoding, Langfang,

Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Shijiazhuang, northern Hengshui, western Zhangzhou,

The western part of Xingtai and western Yunnan have showers or sporadic showers.

From the 5th to the 6th during the night,

The rain in Hengshui, Xingtai, and CaoYin will turn to cloudy or cloudy with light rain,

The rest of the area is cloudy and cloudy.

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To go to work tomorrow │detention! fine! Deduction card! Many people in Quzhou have been punished these days! The reasons are...