Yang County, Shaanxi Province successfully flew a wounded Zhu Xi during treatment, spouses mourning for two days

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Yang County, Shaanxi Province successfully flew a wounded Zhu Xi during treatment, spouses mourning for two days

2018-05-04 20:25:27 239 ℃

CCTV News (Reporter Wang Jiazhu) On May 4th, after a intensive care and maintenance of 7 days, an injured Zhu Xi was successfully released at Shimen Village, Yushuguan Town, Yang County, Shaanxi Province. .

Workers Treat Injured Crested Stork

One Zhu Xi who is resting in the nest. By the end of 2017, the Hanzhong Zhuxi National Nature Reserve Administration in Shaanxi Province had rescued more than 490 wild crickets and rescued 320 live animals.

On April 26, Ye Qiangmin, a villager in the second group of Shimen Village, Yushuguan Town, Yangxian County, discovered on the way home that Zhu Xi had fluttered his wings in the field and could not stand. As he approached, Zhu had lost his leg and was bleeding. Ye Qiangmin immediately opened 110 command center telephone for help.

"We went to the scene and observed the injured area of ​​Zhu Xi. Its severe bruises in the legs and severe damage to the epidermis may be caused by the thin metal objects entangling the legs during the activities of Zhu Xi and unable to escape. Frightened fly crickets, resulting in repeated bruises on the legs caused by metal objects,” said Li Changming, director of the conservation section of the Hanzhong Zhuxi National Nature Reserve Administration in Shaanxi. “We have sterilized wounds and wounded wounds of Zhu Xi, and quickly sent them to the Longting Protection Station of the Shaanxi Zhuji National Nature Reserve Administration in Shaanxi for further observation, feeding and handling,” said Li Changming.

"We have this Zhu Xi and the other two injured Zhu Xi together to observe and disinfect the dressing once every 24 hours. After 7 days of careful rescue and feeding, this Zhu Zhu wound has healed so far. Good, basically restored to health, has reached the conditions for return.” Li Changming said.

“On May 4th, I chose to put Zhu Xi in Shimen Village of Zhangshuguan Town because the village was the place where Zhu Xi lived before the injury. We considered that this Zhu Zhu was involved in breeding before the injury. At this time, its partners are looking for it around the village, and we hope that they can reunite as soon as possible and normalize their prosperity," said Zhang Yueming, a senior engineer of Shaanxi Hanzhong Zhuxi National Nature Reserve Administration.

The villager Ye Qiangmin also said that after the injured Zhu Xi was sent to the protection station, his spouse wasThe tree on the side was called for two days.

Zhu Xi’s treatment and release is an important task for Zhu Xi’s protection. It means that when the wild Zhuxi lost its independent ability to survive in the wild due to illness and lack of food, Zhu Xi’s protection personnel promptly provided care to keep it. Restore the natural survivability, and then put it back into the natural world, let it restore the natural state of life.

“As of the end of 2017, we have rescued more than 490 wild crickets and rescued 320 cubs, and rescued survival rates to 65%. After 37 years of efforts, Shaanxi Hanzhong’s state-level nature protection is currently in place. The number of wild populations of Zhu Xi has reached about 2,000, and the number of artificially reared populations has reached 189, which is mainly distributed in 14,000 square kilometers of 15 counties in Hanzhong, Baoji and Ankang.” Zhang Yueming introduced.

Since 1998, at the request of the governments of Japan and South Korea, China has successively donated or provided nine Zhu Xi to Japan and South Korea, and provided breeding techniques to help them restore the population of Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi became a Chinese The people’s friendship with foreign countries is loved by all walks of life. The reporter learned that in order to further publicize and develop the achievements of friendly exchanges between China and the world, the inaugural Zhuxie International Forum will be held in Yangzhou, Hanzhong City, the hometown of Zhu Xi from May 23rd to 24th.