Chongqing Daddy quite 8 pounds "pregnant belly" for a day: doing housework, railroad transportation, etc.

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Chongqing Daddy quite 8 pounds "pregnant belly" for a day: doing housework, railroad transportation, etc.

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Two days later is Mother's Day. In recent days, Mr. Feng and Mr. Cheng have sent their wives a special gift: They wear silicone “pregnant belly” weighing 8 pounds, mopping the floor and picking things up. , Bus crowding, experiencing pain, etc. Experienced the process from pregnancy to production in one day. "Don't experience such an experience, I really don't know that it is so difficult for pregnant mothers." This is the sentence that the two milk dads repeat most often after they complete the experience.

My wife personally helped wear 8 pounds of “pregnancy belly”.

At 9:30 am on May 6, Mr. Feng and Mr. Zheng started this event. Experience. Mr. Feng, 36 years old, is engaged in design work and has a pair of one-year-old babies. Her wife, Coco, personally put on her a silicone “pregnant belly” that weighed 8 pounds. “My stomach is bigger than this when I was pregnant.” Mr. Feng heard that he volunteered for extra yards, and his wife had plugged a few more clothes. Afterwards, Mr. Feng’s belly was once again in a big circle.

Mr. Feng wears a tummy

Mr Cheng's home, more than ten kilometers away, Mr. Zheng Ms. Huang also wore pregnant belly for her wife. Mr. Zheng, 36, was engaged in audit work. He was usually more introverted and put on “pregnancy belly”. After he looked in the mirror and looked again, he finished a series of psychological construction. Only get out of the bedroom. At this time, the two-year-old one-month-old daughter saw her father's stomach, and the entire person was stunned, but only far away to watch the most intimate father.

"My physical fitness is good. When I am pregnant, there is no problem at all." "It should be no problem. I feel able to persist." Both milk dads are confident in the day's experience.

Difficulties in cleaning and grocery shopping

A lot of pregnant moms have experienced the difficulties of turning over each night. There is always a pelvic position when turning over. Kind of pain. When Mr. Feng and Mr. Zheng lie on their backs like pregnant mothers, they find that after a “pregnancy belly”, the small turning movements become so difficult. When Mr. Feng gets up and wants to wear socks, but because of “pregnancy belly” How couldn't the wearer's existence be worn, and he finally put on his socks with the help of his wife.

Mr. Feng said that it was really tiring.

The next turnSweeping the floor, Mr. Feng said that the most difficult part of this process is: “Ground sweeping, body weight is in front, and it is inconvenient to take care of the stomach while moving left and right.” At the same time, Mr. Zheng started cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, and at one point his hand-swept vacuum cleaner. On the floor, Mr. Zheng squatted slowly and slowly. "I didn't expect such a simple thing to be so laborious."

A lot of pregnant mothers have experienced difficulties in buying vegetables during pregnancy and they are physically heavy. Weak limbs. When Mr. Feng hugged his hands and looked at the vegetables and climbed the stairs, he really began to feel a little uncomfortable. He called for a “quiet break” on several occasions. When he reached the door, the key suddenly landed. Mr. Feng picked up his keys and began to straighten. It is not easy or easy to call.

Mr. Zheng bulges his stomach to cook.

Standing in the stomach At the back of the backache, Mr. Feng bulged to the Garden Expo Park on the track 3 line. In the face of the curious discussion of the passers-by, Mr. Feng explained to everyone eloquently: "Pregnancy is a very hard thing. We are doing a charity event." Mr. Feng said, "Standing on the stomach and taking a seat, I feel tired after standing for a while. A good-hearted man gives Mr. Feng a seat, Feng. The gentleman sat down with a grateful reply. "Originally, the pregnant woman was really sore.

Mr. Feng leaned on his stomach and took a pass.

Mr. The caps went out and when they got on the bus, they had to hold the handrails firmly. When the bus sways to the left, Mr. Zheng grabbed the handrails and sighed with one hand, feeling pregnant: “When people are many, the pregnant mother is so nervous. So we really should give seats to pregnant women.

Mr. Zheng said that on the bus, he shook his left hand and was afraid that his stomach would be hit.

Painful experience allows dad to sweat a lot

At the northern Chongqing Maternity Hospital, the two dads are prepared to experience pain, and the doctor said, "Every mother's production process is generally From a level of pain until the tenth level of pain, and then breaking the amniotic fluid, after a long time the mostAfter the smooth production. This instrument simulates physiological pain changes experienced by pregnant women during the production process. The waist will give you an experience belt. If you can not stand, press the red button.

The experience first started at the first level. Mr. Feng was still very calm. At the beginning of Level 3, Mr. Feng's expression was somewhat convulsive. At the fourth level, Mr. Zheng suffered from pain and pressed the button. Mr. Feng is still insisting.

At 6th level, Mr. Feng has been sweating a lot and his voice has shook. Finally, he reached the class eight pain. Mr. Feng could not hold on and pressed the red button.< /p>

Mr. Feng is having a pain experience

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My husband's understanding is the best comfort for pregnant moms

Feng told reporters that after experiencing it, she felt it was particularly difficult, especially It is the pain of the production process that is the most unbearable. After experiencing it, I would most like to say to myself and other fathers, “Be sure to love my wife and mother. They are really not easy. "Wife who witnessed the entire experience said that her husband's experience reminded her of the scene of her pregnancy. Her body was swollen and shiny all at once. Fortunately, her husband has been carefully caring and looking after her." Actually, for pregnant mothers, Her husband's understanding and love are the biggest placebos. "

"After one day, I really feel tired. “Mr. Zheng said that when he remembered his wife’s insistence on such a state for so many months, she felt particularly distressed. Mr. Huang’s wife, Ms. Huang, said: “This gift is very touching. He is not a very outgoing person. I felt that I suffered from the pain I suffered when I was eating.

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As one of the organizers of the event, the Chongqing shopaholic forum broadcasted the experiences of the two dads. In only one day, the click-through rate has broken 30,000 times, and netizens are constantly talking about it.


Month of the Moon: Men don’t really experience this once,Will not know the hard work of pregnant mother.

"micoly": If I call my husband to experience it, I would most like him to put 30 pounds on his stomach and sleep a few nights to see if he still stands up and speaks. Back pain.

"zhoulidong": I would like to let my man get up and try to squeeze the bus. When I get out of the car, I get most annoyed. There are too many people and I dare not push hard. The next time, I only had to cry a few more times to make trouble. Occasionally, I heard people complain, saying that pregnant women wouldn't squeeze out. Every time I spit on my husband, he still can't understand.

"monarc": I am currently most irritated by morning sickness. I vomit several times a day for several meals. My male nephew is too busy to help. Only me Looking forward, he said, how annoyed? I told him directly and did not believe you to try it.

"chslong": I also want to let her husband experience Ha. He often says that I am squeamish and say how about other types of pregnancy.

"amanaswiss": I had morning sickness during the first trimester, a light rail collapsed during the second trimester, a pubic pain in the third trimester, and annoyed sleep. These all want to let her husband experience it again.

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