Suddenly, a bar guest in Yinchuan was in conflict. Someone actually cut a knife!

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Suddenly, a bar guest in Yinchuan was in conflict. Someone actually cut a knife!

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Some drivers from a certain company in Helan go to the bar after work to drink alcohol

When several people finish drinking and are ready to leave

At the bar At the entrance

Suddenly rushing over a knife man

The man rushed forward and chopped the driver's head

and then took a white ride The car disappeared.

On May 29th, around 11pm, the Helan Public Security Bureau Chengguan Police Station received an alarm. A bar was cut at the entrance.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene. “At the entrance of the bar, there were no victims or suspects. There was only a pool of blood.”

After the incident, the injured person was taken to the hospital and the police questioned the bar owner and the driver who had drunk with him.

The bar owner said that after a group of customers left for drinks, they did not know where to punch a person and cut one of them. Another party at the scene said that the other party would ride the car after it was cut. left.

Asked this, the police suspect that Chen's enemy deliberately retaliated.

So, is this really the case? In further investigation, things suddenly turned a corner.

On monitoring at the police investigation bar, one of the drivers said that the hackers had been drinking with them before. He was called by another friend. He was hacking the person and Chen during the drinking process. Someone had a quarrel, and then left first.

After the investigation, the police quickly locked the hackers Zhang. On the afternoon of May 30th, Zhang surrendered to the police station and explained his own illegal behavior.

Instead, he and several drivers were working in the same company, but they weren't familiar with each other. His colleague called him to drink and drink in the evening and he clashed with another driver. Then he Leaving the bar, I found a watermelon knife at a watermelon stand. When Chen et al. came out, he stepped down and cut a knife.

After investigation, Chen was injuredThe situation did not cause serious problems. Eventually, given that Zhang had surrendered himself, the Helan County Public Security Bureau penalized him for seven days and fined Wu Baiyuan.

Reporter: Shi Yonglei Student Trainee Reporter: Zhang Ke

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