A street and a city

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A street and a city

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This is the corner of Zhongshan Road taken on June 1st. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhilong Photographs

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, June 7 (Reporter Zhang Zhilong) If we use one road to review the changes in a city, there is no doubt that this road is in Zhongshan Road in Qingdao.

Speech is firm and powerful. The 69-year-old Shen Mingshu’s spirit is awkward. Although his hair is half white, his eyes are still bright. He retired in Zhongshan Road, Shinan District, Qingdao. He has been engaged in the publicity and promotion work of Zhongshan Road District and has done live broadcasts. He has also become “Grandpa Net”.

When he saw him at No. 1 Zhongshan Road, he waved his arm from the trestle to the north: Qingdao Zhongshan Road is a commercial street that is on the same street as Beijing Wangfujing and Shanghai Nanjing Road.

"This three-mile-long, north-south commercial street is Qingdao's 'mother vein' and represents Qingdao's past and present." Shen Ming-shu revealed with deep feelings.

This is the Firewood House on Zhongshan Road, which was shot on June 2nd. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhilong Photographs: According to information from the Qingdao Museum, on June 14, 1891, the Emperor Guangxu of the Qing dynasty made a fortune and fortified Jiao'ao, which was the beginning of Qingdao's construction.

Only after 6 years, Dezhan built Qingdao Road. According to statistics, Zhongshan Road is divided into the southern section of the "European Area" and the northern section of the "Chinese Area". The two regional architectural styles and road widths are obviously different.

Shen Mingshu is almost every house here.

The German sailor club is a social venue for entertainment. The old site of the Bank of China used granite from Qingdao, and the Magushi Road on the ground floor of the Catholic Church in Zhejiang Road is very strong...

"I was innocent (Photo Gallery) Photographs of wedding photos.” Shen Mingshu said that since the memory, the most desired one is “to take to the streets”. It is enough for the family to purchase objects and have major events in life.

The 69-year-old Shen Mingshu took pictures at the door of naive photography where his wedding photos were taken. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhilong's photo

Old Qingdao people are familiar with the songs on the street.: “One by one, go to the street; buy a book bag, buy a pencil, go to school, take the exam first”.

In the eyes of Shen Mingshu, “Street” is the main road of Zhongshan Road, which is a bustling commercial and financial district “tall”, and “Li” is the unique residential form of Qingdao “Liyuan”: there is a bathhouse, Play stage, "Much of the small shop, the Firewood Court is an example."

Experts say that the pattern of “Southern South China and North China” makes the integration of Chinese and Western cultures in Zhongshan Road form the unique charm of a century-old street: European style is romantic and delicate, and courtyard culture is lively and warm.

In order to express his special feelings for the courtyard, Shen Mingshu took a look at the three homes.

On the side of this Zhongshan Road, at the 1903 Courtyard Inn, 8 Baoding Road, the owner, Jiao Xiang, warmly invited to the hospital.

After entering the doorway, there was a light after a narrow lane. The inner courtyard was spacious and there were some green plants such as bamboo. There are some wooden buildings on the second floor and the third floor. "Incorporating the European style of Chinese architecture, each courtyard can accommodate dozens or even dozens of families." Jiao Xiang said that, like Beijing's siheyuan and Shanghai's Lane, it is not only the mode of living but also the bearer of the neighboring culture.

At the 1903 Courtyard Inn on the 8th Baoding Road, the owners Jiao Xiang and Shen Mingshu were talking about the "Li Yuan" topic. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhilong Photograph

In addition to the courtyard, the old name of Zhongshan Road also allows Shen Mingshu not to forget.

These old-fashioned shops were mostly built in the 1920s and 1920s and developed into the 1930s and 1940s, forming one of China's most prosperous neighborhoods.

"Qian Xiangyi is dressed in a blissful manner, Sheng Xifu is on his head, Hengdeli is in his hand, Chunhe Building is in his house, and he is taken to Hong Ren Tang...." This sentence contains many time-honored jingles from Qingdao.

Although these old stores are still there, the glory has been hard to see. The Chun Wo Lou Hotel counts as a relatively good one.

On the second floor of the Chunhelou Hotel, the old photos on both sides of the hallway, as well as the "Zhongtang Hall" and "Weixin Hall", etc., indicate the glory of this hotel: it was established in the same year as Qingdao Construction. A large number of celebrities such as Li Hongzhang, Kang Youwei, and Prince Gong have come here.

This is the old name of Qingdao Zhongshan Road, taken on June 2nd.Helou Hotel. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhilong's photo

Chen Helou official Shen Jianji pointed to the certificate and trophy and said, “As the only catering restaurant in Qingdao for 100 years, Chunhelou Hotel has just been named 40 years of reform and opening up by the China Cuisine Association.” The old and new glorious enterprise '."

“I married and placed 6 tables in spring and floor, 28 money a table, dishes are crispy chicken, fried conch, sweet and sour squid......” Shen Mingshu memories Said that these dishes are still widely acclaimed today.

As one of the first 14 coastal open cities in China, Qingdao has developed rapidly. Zhongshan Road also once continued its glory.

In 1992, when the city government moved eastward, the bookstore that Shen Mingshu loved was also removed. The city of Qingdao grew eastward. In particular, the Olympic Sailing Center, Wusi Square and other places have become new landmarks in the city. Beer, sailboats, trains, etc. have become the city's famous business cards.

As a former urban center, Zhongshan Road lost. In the following years, Zhongshan Road has undergone several transformations.

In the latest government work report in Shinan District, Qingdao, promote the development of the western region as a new engine, implement the “Qingdao Liyuan” model project, and support the development of the “old name” enterprises such as Hong Ren Tang. be recorded.

This is the old site of the Bank of China, Qingdao Zhongshan Road, which was shot on June 2 and is now the office of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhilong's photo.

In the past few years, some old buildings on Zhongshan Road have gradually gained new vitality.

At the junction of Zhongshan Road and Hubei Road, the site of the German Mariners Club has become the 1907 Light Shadow Club, becoming a new place for young artists.

Qingdao Li Ming wrote in the book “The History of a Street and a City,” “Zhongshan Road is like a brass label embedded in the heart of Qingdao, which shows the city’s way to prove the city. Changes, forecast cities to move." 127. In 127 years, the small fishing village with less than 20,000 people at the time already stepped toward an international city. The convening of the Shanghai Summit held a new impetus for Qingdao's young city to sail.

"Both Chinese and foreign styles coexist with old fashion. This is the style of Zhongshan Road and is the background of Qingdao." Shen Mingshu said.