Huang Shi’s trial in a black case. The gang stipulates that members cannot be connected to the boss.

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Huang Shi’s trial in a black case. The gang stipulates that members cannot be connected to the boss.

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Original title: Huang Shi’s trial of a black-and-black gang stipulates that a member’s accident cannot be linked to the boss

Yellow’s trial of 19 people involved in the black case

The gang stipulates that members cannot be connected to the boss

Because of the gang’s arrogance, the victim issued a letter of understanding and paid for economic compensation... This is the basic facts collected by the case handling agency in the case of the accused Qiao and other 19 people suspected of organizing, leading and participating in the crime of organized criminal organizations.

The "Legal Daily" reporter learned that Qiao and other black-related cases are one of the many black-related gangs that have been destroyed in Huangshi City, Hubei Province this year. Since the launch of the special fight against evil and evil, Huangshi City has established more than 100 cases involving black and evil, and solved 134 cases.

From July 30th to 31st, Qiao and other 19 people involved in the black case opened in the first instance of the People’s Court of Daye City, Huangshi. The "Legal Daily" reporter was allowed to attend.

Traffic and escaping to bring out the black case

The case of Joe’s black gang, starting with a traffic An accident escape case.

On the evening of January 15, 2017, a traffic accident and escape case involving one death occurred in the lower reaches of Huangshi City. The social impact was bad and the families of the victims reflected strongly.

Because the criminal suspect’s ability to counter-investigate is strong, the Huangshi Public Security Bureau has determined that the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Bureau will take the lead in investigating the case. The investigation class found that the actual owner of the vehicle in the case was Qiao, and the gang of Qiao was active in the escape of the perpetrator Peng.

In the trial, the prosecution alleged that Joe had arranged for members of the gang to help hide the vehicle and to make a false vehicle transfer agreement to cover up the real information of the vehicle.

When Peng did not arrive at the case, the investigation class changed the investigation ideas. On January 24, 2017, the special police officers arrested the suspect Qiao in a hotel room in Huahu, Ezhou, Hubei, and found a large number of contraband items such as ammunition and drugs.

The investigation class immediately started arresting 9 people, including Zhang and Li, members of the gang group.

On February 12, 2017, Peng Mou, the main suspect in the traffic accident case, took the initiative to surrender to the public security organ.

The investigation class dug the case and investigated 17 criminal cases and 5 administrative cases.

Police revealed that most of the gang members have no proper occupations and have been active in Huangshi City, Daye City, Daye Chengui Town and other places, and have been repeatedly dealt with by public security organs.

The police also found that Qiao was repeatedly punished by criminal punishment: he was sentenced to two years in prison for committing crimes in 2000. In 2010, he was sentenced to four years in prison for murder, gambling and illegal gun shooting. In 2013, he was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for illegal detention.

The leader of the organization was charged with ten sins

In April this year, the Daye City People’s Court accepted the case. The case was 19 accused, 5 key members, and 21 defense lawyers. For the first time, the Daye Court formed a collegiate panel of seven people, including three judges and four people's jurors.

On July 30, the case was opened. The prosecution accused the accused, Qiao, of being suspected of committing crimes of organizing and leading the underworld, gathering crimes of extortion, extortion, illegal detention, and intentional assault. Other defendants participated in illegal activities.

The indictment states that after the release of the sentence, the defendant Qiao Mou has been in the land of Daye and Huangshi for a long time. In the second half of 2008, the defendant Jiang Mou and other social idle and unemployed people used themselves. In the social notoriety, the implementation of various illegal activities, and gradually evolved into a triad-like organization.

The prosecution alleged that Qiao also strengthened the constraints on the members of the organization, and proposed the "who is responsible for who can bear, can not be tied to the boss", "the members of the organization are not allowed to take drugs", and reprimands the disobedient members. Drive away and beat.

The indictment states that the organization collects money through illegal activities such as gathering gambling, forcing transactions, helping to ask for debts, and using the proceeds to support the organization’s activities; from 2009 to 2017, Headed by Qiao, organized illegal activities such as gathering and illegal detention; illegally destroying local activities by implementing a series of illegal activities and by beating others by violence, threats, interference with project bidding, and interference with testimony. The social and economic order has formed illegal control and adverse effects in certain areas.

The indictment states that on January 3, 2013, Qiao Mou asked Yuan to obtain illegal debts from Wu, organized and arranged gang members to illegally detain Wu, and forced them with threats of violence and beatings. Wu paid 300,000 yuan in cash; at the same time, he held a friend of Wu, Wang, and asked Wang for the cost. Wang was forced to transfer 30,000 yuan to the bank account provided by Joe.

The public security organ of Huangshi City revealed that the murder of Qiao and his men, the victims Wu and Wang Mou issued a letter of understanding for Qiao.

Most defendants plead guilty to guilty

In the trial, the defendant and his defender denied the involvement in the court.

The accused Joe began to refuse to defend himself, saying "nothing to say."

Qiao’s defender believes that the fact that Joe’s organization, leadership, and participation in the crimes of the underworld organization is unclear and the evidence is insufficient. Qiao has been arrested twice for serving, and does not have continuous organization and leadership of the underworld. The time and space conditions of the nature organization.

In this regard, the prosecutor pointed out that it is necessary to explain that in the process of development and growth of the underworld organization, the original members of the organization were captured, expelled, detached or violated. These changes did not affect the underworld organization. The determination of sin, as long as the organization's leaders, key members and the illegal activities and illegal influence of the organization are sustainable, it should be recognized that the crime of organized crimes continues.

The final stage of the trial, except that the accused Qiao said that “there is nothing to say”, the rest of the accused all pleaded guilty and repented.

At 16:45 on July 31, Huang Baoming, the presiding judge of the case and the vice president of the People’s Court of Daye City, announced the adjournment of the court and sentenced him to a verdict. (Reporter Liu Zhiyue, drawing, Li Xiaojun)