Picking up the old man and picking up a new car. After getting off the bus, he said something, the driver drove away.

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Picking up the old man and picking up a new car. After getting off the bus, he said something, the driver drove away.

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The old man picking up a new car, say something after getting off the bus, the driver drove away

There is too much in today’s society. Unfair and indifferent, there is no way for the community to balance too much. But there are always warmhearted events that we need to discover. Not long ago, the old man’s new car was provoked people’s attention. What is the matter like?

Yang’s father is already in his 70s this year. He is alone at home, and the children are working outside. The old man walked early, leaving himself alone in an old house. He can only live without a job or a pension every day.

My children don’t want to raise old people, and they don’t want to trouble them. The income of a few hundred dollars a month plus the children will give you hundreds of pieces. One person is enough. . The story happened on the way to a bottle of Yang’s father.

As usual, Father Yang went to pick up the bottle on his own tricycle. The city is catching up with traffic jams, and Yang’s father is riding a cumbersome tricycle. Just in the wrong car, Yang’s tricycle smashed a car and saw that the car was still very new. A lot of the film had not been torn off.

This will make Yang’s father very flustered. Get off and check out. The driver of the car also heard the movement and quickly got out of the car. This is not simple, it is as long as ten centimeters, which is a lot of repair costs for a new car.

Yang’s father knew that he couldn’t get so much money, and he didn’t know what to do if he lowered his head. He murmured, child, I borrowed money to repair your car, and the driver checked the car. After the situation, I learned about Yang’s father from the passers-by and made a move that surprised everyone.

I saw the driver slowly revealing a smile and said, nothing, Father, you have no money to go back. When Master Yang heard this, his low head lifted up and his face was grateful and embarrassing. Just listening to the plop, the old man smashed down, everyone and the driver saw the quick help, only to see the father not only can not afford, but to squat a few heads.

This makes the driver very touched. The old man wants to make every effort to pay for it and take all his money out. The driver left the living expenses for the elderly and drove off in a hurry. The old man slowly got up, rode on a tricycle and went home.

This is the true feelings of the world. When everyone contributes a kindness to the society, the society will naturally be very kind!

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