Hubei: Solving the questions of the Yangtze River protection

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Hubei: Solving the questions of the Yangtze River protection

2018-08-05 20:25:23 83 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, August 5th Question: Hubei: Solving the Yangtze River Protection Required Questions

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Xian

The middle reaches of the Yangtze River How to deal with the relationship between Green Mountain and Jinshan Yinshan, how can economic development and environmental protection be dialectical and unified? Hubei Province, which has a 1061km Yangtze River trunk line, has launched the top ten landmark campaigns for the protection of the Yangtze River and implemented the ten strategic initiatives for the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, striving to explore a new path of high-quality development with ecological priority and green development.

After the symposium to promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in Wuhan, I feel that the spring of the protected area is coming." Zhang Zhenhua, head of the management office of the Baiji Dolphin National Nature Reserve in the Yangtze River, Hubei Province, said. Everyone's awareness of protection has been significantly improved. The problems of livestock and poultry breeding and engineering construction within the protected area have been solved. The move has moved, and 39 illegal docks have been closed.

Since July, Hubei has once again looked back at illegal dock management and consolidated its achievements in the past three years. At present, the province has banned more than 1,100 types of terminals, 143 kilometers of retreating shoreline, ecological green area of ​​more than 5.66 million square meters, and clearing port throughput capacity of 127 million tons. Nowadays, illegal docks have been replaced by rows of flowers and trees. The river wind has blown through, and it has the artistic conception of "spring breeze and green river south bank".

"If there is no illegal dock management, there will be no green transformation and high-quality development of the shipping industry." Ma Aidong, secretary of the Party Committee of Yichang Zhicheng Port, said that before the illegal docks were squeezed, the company suffered losses for years. After the governance, the operating environment has become better and better, and the more people work, the more confident they are.

Remediation of chemical enterprises along the Yangtze River, rectification of urban black and odorous water bodies, remediation of agricultural non-point source pollution, protection of drinking water sources, remediation of illegal wharfs, and the innocent treatment of urban and rural domestic garbage... A battle was launched one after another. “The protection of the Yangtze River was a ‘multiple choice’, and it has become a “required question” for life and death!” The cadres of the city along the Yangtze River in Hubei Province said.

A black and odorous water body was rectified, a pile of solid waste was cleaned up, and a batch of environmental protection projects were launched. In Wuhan, the largest-scale construction of the Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant in China was once in full swing. After the completion of next year, the urban sewage in the core area of ​​Wuhan Dadonghu will be directly transported through the 19.2km sewage treatment tunnel, and the tail water quality will be discharged into the Yangtze River according to the national first-class A standard.

The Yangtze River has gathered about 46% of the country's chemical production capacity along the Yangtze River. Recently, China National Chemical Engineering Group and the Zhijiang Municipal Government of Yichang, Hubei Province signed a cooperation agreement on the integration project of Yaojiagang Chemical Industry Park City. The two sides will explore the green transformation of the chemical industry and the integration of production and city.

Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone, the second national independent innovation demonstration zone in China, is the world's largest fiber optic cable production base, and is now grabbing 5G opportunities. Tong Guohua, chairman of China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd., said that as a national team in the field of communications, they will focus on the main business of information and communication, and accelerate the development of mobile communication technology, optical fiber communication technology, data communication technology, and integrated circuits around 5G technology and industry. Deep integration of technologies and other technologies will rapidly enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises and their ability to innovate in science and technology.

Wuhan is actively deployed in the 5G industry chain. At the end of June, 23 base station contiguous networks have been completed. Only Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone has more than 100 related enterprises. Fan Bingheng, chairman of China Mobile Hubei Company, said that the construction of 5G core network and other infrastructure will bring a large market of RMB 1 trillion, the restructuring of China Xinke Group, and the industry leader of Changfei Optical Fiber, Wuhan in the 5G industry chain, The ecological circle will make a big difference.

Accelerate the development of green industry, build a comprehensive three-dimensional green transportation corridor, promote the construction of green livable towns, implement circular development to lead the action, explore the "two mountains" concept to achieve the path, and vigorously develop green finance... Hubei is making efforts Implement the strategic development of the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and do a good job of “three articles” on ecological restoration, environmental protection and green development.