Sudden: A 3.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Tangshan, Hebei Province.

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Sudden: A 3.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Tangshan, Hebei Province.

2018-08-05 20:25:23 199 ℃

According to China Seismological Network, a 3.3-magnitude earthquake occurred at 16:21 on August 5 in Guye District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, with a focal depth of 7 kilometers. The epicenter was located at 39.78 degrees north latitude and 118.45 degrees east longitude.

Earth location< /p>

Earth terrain

< According to the feedback from local netizens, the earthquake caused a strong sense of earthquake. The districts and counties of Tangshan City had a sense of earthquake. Among them, the 7 km of the Guyeye area and the Kaiping District were strong, but there was no break. According to the big data analysis of the mobile population, the population of the epicenter is about 730,000 within 20 kilometers, about 5.85 million within 50 kilometers, and about 13.06 million within 100 kilometers.

The distribution of thermal population around the epicenter /p>

The villages within 5 kilometers of the earthquake include Zhaogezhuang, Tangjiazhuang, Tashanying Village, Houshuiyu Village, Shuizhuang Village, Nanchang New Village, Moshiban Village, Tuxi Village, and Platform. Villages and Henghe Villages, there are Beijiadian Town, Jiubahu Town, Wangzhuang Township, Yuzi Town and Leizhuang Town within 20 km.

The surrounding townships

The epicenter is 7 km from Guye District, 20 km from Kaiping District, 22 km from Jixian County, 25 km from Fengrun District, 27 km from Lubei District, 28 km from Tangshan City and 132 km from Tianjin City.

The surrounding districts


In the past five years, there have been 9 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above in Tangshan, Hebei, including 8 to 3.0 to 3.9, 1 to 4.0 to 4.9, and 0 to 5.0. The largest earthquake was on September 10, 2016. A magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Kaiping District, Tangshan City.

According to the catalogue of the China Seismological Network, there were 17 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above in the vicinity of the epicenter for nearly 5 years. The largest earthquake was in Yongqing County, Langfang City, Hebei Province on February 12, 2018. The magnitude 4.3 earthquake occurred, 159 kilometers from the epicenter, and the historical earthquake distribution is shown in the figure.

historical earthquake