Exposure | Turn it up and catch the thief in the south together

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Exposure | Turn it up and catch the thief in the south together

2018-08-05 20:25:28 89 ℃

This is the thief!

When the "milk tea sister" is busy

I will extend my hand to


her mobile phone!

Users broke the news

August 1st at around 17:20 pm

< p>Two good hands and good feet

Healthy health

Young neat

Young guy

A milk tea in the Square of Times Square Shop

The staff are busy

getting their mobile phone away

and they don’t know

the one thing they do One action

HD big picture

was completely monitored and photographed!

And another level of monitoring is recorded

Theft is not a single person


First, the fat man passed the determined goal

Then a thin man came in from another direction

Sit down and observe

The two kept their eyes After the exchange

, the two left one after another

According to the staff member's colleague

The stolen mobile phone bought two Around 1.7

is a vivox7plus

Mobile phone is very valuable

There are countless company profiles, etc.



Milk tea sister has a habit!

Put the ID card in the phone case

It’s now gone together

At present, the party has already alerted the police

Change Alipay, WeChat, bank card and other information

Police have started investigation

You are also welcome Provide clues!

Users who know and know these two people can leave a message

or tell the police directly

to get these unpaid people

as soon as possible Take the rope!

Good hands and feet are not too good

But doing this kind of thing, simply hateful!