The mentally retarded woman was trafficked. After she knew the family, she was pushed by the water. She was resold 3 times in more than 1 year (on)

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The mentally retarded woman was trafficked. After she knew the family, she was pushed by the water. She was resold 3 times in more than 1 year (on)

2018-09-13 10:25:14 132 ℃

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Liu Shuiqing, a person from Daye City, Hubei Province, at noon on September 5, 2016, she went to the police The machine reported that Xiaoguzi Chen Mei (a pseudonym) was abducted and sold to the home of a family name of Wang, a village in Dawanpu Village, Longshan Town, Hubei Province.

Wang Shixian said that his son Wang Jun (pseudonym) is a decoration worker, 40 years old, still not Find a wife. In July 2016, a matchmaker brought a family relationship to his son. After squandering 30,000 yuan of "rose ceremony," it was convenient to hand over a woman to the family of Wang. This woman is "Chen Mei."

It’s not long before the family of Wang found the problem, and the woman who was taken home by them to prepare her daughter’s wife Mental retardation, life can not take care of themselves. On the occasion of the Wang family’s ignorance of where Chen Mei was sent, on September 4, 2016, two women came to the door. One of them is Liu Shuiqing, which is the second singer of Chen Mei.

In fact, the Wang family agreed to let Chen Mei’s shackles take away, but asked the other party to return the 30,000 yuan gift money they had originally smashed. Because of the retreat, the two sides did not agree, and Chen Mei’s nephew reported the case to the local police station.

Zuo Mingliang is also a native of Daye, Hubei. The marriage of the Wang family is his handling. In fact, Chen Mei’s two sisters were also brought to the Wang family. For the bride price disputed by both sides, Zuo Mingliang said that the 30,000 yuan gift that the Wang family gave to him was indeed handed over to him. However, the money, he later only got 20,000 yuan, the remaining 10,000 is divided into several matchmakers. Zuo Mingliang said that not only that, but after spending too much time on this, the expenses are not small. Therefore, he was only willing to give the Wang family a retreat of 15,000 yuan.

Chen Mei’s family told the police that Chen Mei is 30 years old and is the youngest of Chen’s six brothers and sisters. Because I have some physical defects since I was a child, life is difficult to take care of myself. After my parents died, the task of taking care of her fell to a few brothers. In May 2015, Chen Mei was accidentally lost after eating.

July 9, 2016, after Chen Mei disappeared from his home for more than a year, Zuo Mingliang came When I arrived at Chen, I brought news about Chen Mei. Zuo Mingliang told Chen’s family that Chen Mei was at their home at the moment. He came to Chen's home and came to mention his relatives. If you want to take away Chen Mei, you have to pay 20,000 yuan.

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