Security check to subtle escort students to participate in social practice

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Security check to subtle escort students to participate in social practice

2018-09-14 10:25:19 68 ℃

Phoenix Network News (Liu Zheng Liu Buzhou) On September 10th, Chendian Middle School of Songzi City, Hubei Province organized more than 400 teachers and students to conduct research trips and youth society at the provincial student study and travel base in Wangjiaqiao Town, Songzi City. Practice. Songzi City Public Security Bureau Chendian police station traffic police squadron police escort all the way to ensure the safety of collective activities.

On the morning of the same day, the police officers in charge of the escort arrived at the entrance of Chendian Middle School early to prepare for the escort work. Before the departure of the team, the police emphasized to each driver and student the matters that should be paid attention to on the road. Each driver was tested for alcohol and checked the driver's license, driving license, vehicle inspection and insurance one by one.

On the way, each school bus will be equipped with a team member to keep in touch with the police on the police car. A prominent “Forbidden Student Team” sign will be placed in front of each school bus to remind the past. The vehicle pays attention to avoiding, and at the same time, each school bus must be driven in accordance with the pre-programmed sequence, and must not overtake or leave the team. Through the above various strict and meticulous measures, the police escort all the way and the students arrive safely.