Cool down 17 ° C + rain + wind! Do you know the news about you in September?

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Cool down 17 ° C + rain + wind! Do you know the news about you in September?

2018-09-14 10:25:29 89 ℃

The weather in these days is really different.

Do not rely on The feeling of air conditioning renewal is really good

Get up in the morning, do you feel cool? 拂面

The boring and hot weather is finally over.

Henan announced that it has temporarily retired from the "high temperature" group chat

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Just in September

The weather in Zhengzhou is changing rapidly

More than 30 degrees and more than 20 degrees, it’s your side to sing, I’m on the stage

Do you experience the feeling of autumn one day, one day...·

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What's the next weather?

< p> Today the weather is cloudy and sunny, with a maximum temperature of 27 ° C and a minimum temperature of 18 ° C.

It is expected that there will be a cold air affecting our province on Thursday, affected by cold air. From the afternoon of the 12th to the 13th, there are some areas in the province with rainfall.

Compared to the previous weather

This week Really want to cool a lot!



There is another bad news

The rain and rain are coming again!

At least 3 days of rain!

The temperature is at least 17 °C!

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Beware of Autumn Tiger Visits

< p>The fall of Zhengzhou has always been mysterious?

It’s raining again and it’s raining, is it really going to fall into the autumn!

However, there is no < /p>

There is an old saying: add one volt after the fall!

Commonly known as the Autumn Tiger

Autumn tigers generally go to mid-September in September

So the future does not rule out, "Autumn Tigers" may be prosperous

The time comes when the subtropical high is coming back

The temperature may still break through the heat

Another September is coming

but there are four bad news

I am waiting for you~

Hurry up to grab tickets!

11 Golden Week train tickets are on sale!

September 4th

Zhengzhou East Station Manual Ticketing Center, Self-service Ticketing Port

Selling National Day Holiday High-speed Rail Tickets

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Announcement Notice

According to the National Railway Network and Telephone Booking Pre-sale Period of 30 Days, September 2 On the day, you can purchase train tickets for the first day of the National Day holiday through the internet and telephone channels. According to this calculation, on September 8th, the train ticket for the last day of the National Day holiday, October 7th, can be purchased.

Because the station window, sales point and ticket vending machine train ticket pre-sale period is 28 days, if you go to the station window, sales point or ticket vending machine purchase Tickets, tickets for October 1st will be available as early as September 4. According to this calculation, on September 10, the farthest train ticket for October 7th can be purchased.

People who are ready to travel or go home< /p>

It’s time for the fight to speed up

It’s hard to get a ticket later!

Buy and buy in season!

Many malls have been replaced with autumn clothing

Girls can't resist the temptation of discounts

Change season=shopping season

The moonlight changes at the beginning of the month

Red envelope bombs hit!

Entering September, this means counting < /p>

Good days are getting better

The most afraid of the air is suddenly quiet

I am most afraid of my friends’ sudden concern!

With the money, are you ready?

Look at the account The three-digit balance

Is there a feeling of crying without tears

A half year is equal to Baigan····

< p>

Your 2018 is only 4 months left!

Is it not? Feeling that the days are flying fast?

Even if you haven’t had enough experience this summer

It’s gone~

Working for 21 days in September and working 18 days in October

Working in 22 days in November and working in 21 days in December

< p>·······

There was a turn in 2018!

Looking back to think

How many years have you completed your plan for this year?

Is the weight lost?

Going out for a trip?

Is it worth the money?

Is it off?

Buy the house of Longyuan Century Dragon City?


< /p>

The little dragon actually wants to say

Buying a house is always a big thing for our people

A good building is not only for living.

More Realizing the accumulation of wealth

The competition in modern society is becoming increasingly fierce, and more and more parents are trying to make their children "win at the starting line" "When you buy a house, you will tend to "educate real estate", while the resources of "educational real estate" are in short supply, and it is difficult to find a house. The demand is very large.

When Longyuan Century Dragon City is at the core of the Second Ring Road, the surrounding supporting facilities are mature, and there are more planned key schools, backed by “educational real estate”. Dashan, the appreciation space is also quite impressive!

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