"Helping the Bank" promotes a virtuous circle of spiritual civilization

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"Helping the Bank" promotes a virtuous circle of spiritual civilization

2018-09-14 20:25:14 72 ℃

According to the "Beijing Evening News" reported on September 12, the third district of Longmen New District, Chengzi Street, Mentougou District, there are two special "banks" in the humble community service center: "helping banks" and "time banks." The bank's “storage depositors” come from community residents and volunteers. Unlike ordinary banks, they save money in their own banks rather than their own volunteer service points. They can also be realized through points. "The daily necessities or services that you need urgently. Come on love, take help, in the process of reciting volunteers in this point, the love and virtue of "I am for everyone, everyone for me" is also silently passing and continuing.

A considerable number of people may think that volunteering means selfless dedication and no return, and Helping banks and time banks have exchanged their love points for the duration of their volunteer service and obtained corresponding rewards. This has cast a certain utilitarian color on volunteer behavior, thus making such noble behaviors change. However, Wu Fengyun, the elder sister who is often laughed at by the neighbors as the “richest man” to help the bank, has never used this “big money”. “When I participated in volunteer activities, I thought that I could use the heat and watch the scores of Cary accumulate a little bit, especially with a sense of accomplishment.” This reality also fully shows that if the “helping banks” are placed in a complicated social background. When you look at it, you will find that the existence of “helping the bank” is far from being “utilitarian” or “high”, and it is even more important.

People are psychologically unable to accept "helping banks" at a time, which is not difficult to understand. However, what we must see is that in the field of volunteer service, we are willing to pay and hope to return. The two always exist in the heart of the people at the same time, and they are always faced with the choice of this long-term or long-term. The choice of this choice is often the role of some external force. In other words, the moral environment supported by public welfare volunteerism reflects the state of the corresponding moral management.

A lot of people may not understand, and ethics also need to be managed? Of course you need it. The so-called moral management is to maximize the external environment to enhance people's moral sense. And this external environment can be the rule of law, public opinion, or the guiding force of profit return. Through these external environmental constraints, let morality go out of the illusory state of illusion, and create a guiding mechanism for the good heart. In terms of awards, we currently have “civilization offices” at all levels, and awards awards in accordance with the official and institutional forms of moral standards for standards. However, most of the moral civilizations in life are small things that do not meet the conditions for awarding prizes. Obviously, it is far from being able to support this "guiding mechanism" only by awards organized by civilization at all levels.

The social form is changing, and people's outlook on life and values ​​are changing. The "pure morality" that does not seek repayment is good, but in today's social background, this seems to be somewhat "luxury"; and the use of appropriate returns as encouragement and entice people to advocate morality, although it is not a purely "secondary morality", In today's society, it is also "the beginning of consumption." Therefore, the demand for "pure morality", although not conceptually wrong, does not necessarily have absolute meaning. What's more, in the practice of "secondary morality", there is also a great possibility of transforming to "pure morality" - because it has experienced the happiness of helping others, and realized the deep connotation of "I am everyone, everyone is me", so Helping the "savings currency" in the bank may not be really valued by the holder.

In today’s society, it is a “sparse resource” that is willing to help others and is noble. Whether it calls for the return of traditional morality or the reconstruction of new morality; whether it is the "pure morality" of selfless dedication or the "secondary morality" of seeking appropriate returns, any beneficial measures should be Advocate and encourage. The “helping bank” system from Chengzi Street in Mentougou District has made morality out of the illusory state of truth and illusion, and created a working mechanism of “moral management”. Its positive significance in community autonomy and civilized construction is not In other words, it should be praised.


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