Weifang will cool down this weekend + rain! The lowest temperature 1 word starts! There is this bad news...

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Weifang will cool down this weekend + rain! The lowest temperature 1 word starts! There is this bad news...

2018-09-14 20:25:17 67 ℃

After entering September,

Don't worry about the temperature every day.

The circle of friends is frequently screened by the blue sky and white clouds

The four seasons in Weifang are too fast

If you don't cover the quilt in the morning, you will be awake.

Although the weather turns cold

It’s so hot and hot than the hot summer sun

The weather is very comfortable

But, you think this kind of comfortable weather

Will it last until the Mid-Autumn Festival?

No, no

This weekend,

rain + cool down is ready to brush the presence.

According to the latest weather forecast

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The latest weather forecast for Weifang Meteorological Bureau:

Tonight to tomorrow, The weather is cloudy and cloudy with light rain, the south wind turns to the north wind 3 to 4, the lowest temperature is 20 °C, and the highest temperature is 27 °C.

Day 16 to daytime, the weather turned cloudy and cloudy. There was a short shower in the southern part of the night. The northerly wind was 2 to 3, with a minimum temperature of 19 °C and a maximum temperature of 26 °C.

On the 17th, the weather is cloudy, the north wind is 2 to 3, the lowest temperature is 17 °C, and the highest temperature is 26 °C.

What? You do not believe?

Do not believe that Xiaobian will show you the forecast of each county


The days of Weifang people are probably like this


New clothes are coming out

< /section>

Not much to say

I always feel that I was streaking last year

This time I’m a little bit cooler

Small series has already swept the new autumn clothes

So this is < /p>

I have been married for a summer

The long sleeves can finally be worn out.

And my new baby clothes~

When you put them on, you feel like you are walking with the wind!


When it’s time to spend money

Golden September, Silver, Red, May

What is the September and October is gold and silver?

You will understand the flip calendar

Mid-Autumn+National Day

10 consecutive days Gold mixed holiday

I have properly arranged my wallet

plus recent variety

Shopping anniversary, opening discount < /p>

啥 also said, try to make money, brother dei


< Section>

Not far from the real fall

Although it has been cooling recently

But the early fall is still a long way from the real fall

maybe half a month later

We can feel the real autumn when we go out.

What is more serious!

It’s been September now!

distance 2019

Only 4 months left!

Think about the past 8 months

What have you done?

It seems to have not been done since the New Year


The last small series reminds everyone:

"A cold autumn rains"

Everyone must remember to add clothes in time

When you go out, remember to bring a good rain gear.

Source Weifang Qilu Network

Editing Xiaolong