Yesterday at 17 o'clock \"Mangosteen\" landed in Taishan at 23 o'clock and moved out of Guangdong into Guangxi

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Yesterday at 17 o'clock \"Mangosteen\" landed in Taishan at 23 o'clock and moved out of Guangdong into Guangxi

2018-09-17 10:25:02 128 ℃

On the 16th, the strong typhoon "Mangosteen" landed in Taishan, Taishan Chuandao Town, Shanzui Pier, Jingtao, reporter, Tang Mingming,

At 18 o'clock on the 16th, the water level in the Pearl River of Guangzhou skyrocketed, and the water surface was "white-headed". Reporter Zhou Weishe

< p> The 22nd typhoon "Hawthorn" (strong typhoon level) landed at Taishan Haiyan Town at 17:00 on the 16th. The maximum wind force near the center was 14 (45 m/s). In the east of Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta, and the 12 cities of Yangjiang and Yunfu, there were winds with an average wind of 11 to 14 and gusts of 15 to 17. At 23 o'clock on the 16th, "Mangosteen" moved out of Guangdong.

The wind-proof class II emergency response is reduced to level III

Golden sheep network reporter Zhang Aili, correspondent Yue Shuixuan reports: reporter from Guangdong Province It was learned that the typhoon "Hawthorn" of the 22nd this year was removed from Guangdong Province at 23 o'clock on September 16 and entered the territory of Guangxi Beiliu City. The maximum wind force near the center was 12 (33 m / s). It is expected that the "Mangosteen" will move to the north-north direction at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will gradually weaken and stay away from Guangdong.

According to the "Emergency Plan for Flood Control, Drought, Wind and Frost Prevention in Guangdong Province", the provincial defense decision decided to reduce the windproof level II emergency response to level III at 0:00 on September 17.

At present, although the typhoon “Mangosteen” center has left Guangdong Province, the peripheral cloud system still has a great influence on Guangdong Province. Some areas still have strong wind and heavy rainfall, and some small and medium rivers have appeared. The super-alert water level and the defense situation are still complicated. Guangdong Provincial Defense General invited the affected areas to continue to do well in the typhoon "Hawthorn" to bring about the strong winds, heavy rainfall and the catastrophe caused by mountain torrents, mudslides, floods in small and medium-sized rivers, urban and rural floods, geological disasters, etc. The lives of the people are safe.

Affected by mangosteen, from the night of the 15th to the 16th, the winds of the northern part of the South China Sea and the central and western parts of Guangdong Province showed an average wind of 10 to 14 and gusts of 15 to 17 In the Pearl River Delta cities and counties, and the 12 cities of Yangjiang and Yunfu, there were strong winds with an average wind of 11 to 14 and gusts of 15 to 17. Heavy rains in the southern part of the Pearl River Delta, Yuedong City, Yangjiang, Maoming, and Yunfu have caused heavy rains in the heavy rains. The rest of the cities and counties have experienced heavy rains. According to the meteorological and hydrological monitoring statistics, from 22 o'clock on the 15th to 22 o'clock on the 16th, 36 stations recorded torrential rains exceeding 250 mm, 767 stations recorded heavy rains of 100 mm to 250 mm, and 1442 stations recorded 50. Heavy rains from mm to 100 mm, the sites with large rainfall are: 315.3 mm in Shenzhen Dapeng New District, 299.1 mm in Xiegang Town, Dongguan, 286.5 mm in Datong, Huidong County, Huizhou, 284.5 mm in Xinbao Town, Xinyi City, Yunfu Xinxing County Lidong Town is 268.2 mm.

It is expected that due to the influence of mangosteen, there will be heavy rains in western Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta, some heavy rains in some cities and counties, heavy rains in heavy rains in eastern Guangdong, and heavy rains from heavy rains to heavy rains in Yuebei County. On the 18th, most of the cities and counties in Guangdong Province had moderate to heavy rains.

On the 16th, nearly 2,300 construction workers were placed in the underground garage of Taishan Xinning Gymnasium, Tang Mingming.

At 23 o'clock on the 16th, the Guangzhou traffic police pushed a stalled vehicle to the safe area in Guangzhou Avenue. p>

The province has transferred more than 3.11 million people

Guangdong is fully committed to defending "Mangosteen"

Gold Yang Net News reporter Zhang Aili, correspondent Yue Shuixuan reported: The reporter learned from the provincial defense chief that as of 23:00 on the 16th, the province has transferred more than 3.11 million people, including more than 1.77 million people in the dangerous area, and opened shelters. 20,908, shutting down 747 scenic spots, shutting down 29,600 construction sites, returning 49,583 fishing boats, and fishing line workers have landed 33,000.

The provincial defense always reduced the windproof Class I emergency response to Class II at 20:00 on September 16, and reduced the Windproof Class II emergency response to Class III at 0:00 on the 17th. The provincial defense chief members are fully committed to the defense work.

Provincial Military Region: A total of 36,000 people will be prepared to prepare for the rescue. 11820 people in the key areas will be on standby.

The armed police Guangdong Provincial Corps: 400 troops will be used to complete Shenzhen. The task of strengthening the seawall and transferring the masses in the seafood street of Yantian District

Promotional Department of the Provincial Party Committee: Organizing and guiding the provincial and 21 prefectures to send over 300 reporters to the main media of the listing, and do their best to prevent typhoon reports

Professional Education Department: At present, there are 5,029 large, medium and small schools in the province as refuge resettlement sites in various places, and a total of 321,628 temporary resettlement personnel are involved.

Provincial Public Security Department: Provincial Public Security Organs Accumulatively dispatched more than 70,000 police forces, rescued 71,300 people affected by disasters, and safely transferred more than 633,300 people.

Provincial and Civil Affairs Department: 9496 working groups were sent by civil affairs departments and townships (streets) at all levels. There are 16,910 emergency evacuation (protection) places, and the local governments have invested 14,408,300 yuan of financial funds at all levels.

The Provincial Department of Finance: The emergency response plan has been launched at the highest level to ensure the related work

Provincial Housing and Construction Department: 40088 of the hidden danger spots in the province's cities, and repaired damaged pipelines of 6,605 meters. Surging dredging 6417 meters

Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission: From 0:00 on the 15th to 18th on the 16th, there were no public health incidents above the general level and sudden acute accidents caused by typhoons in 21 cities and counties across the province. Infectious disease epidemic

Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration: “Offshore Oil 202” project ship is anchored due to “mountain”, and the ship is in stable condition and 73 people on board are safe after emergency handling

Professional Department of the Ministry of Commerce: dispatched 2 working groups to quickly carry out the maintenance and supply of emergency business materials in the province's business system with the focus on Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang and Maoming.