On the street of a man in Sichuan, the wife’s ribs were interrupted by 14 people. He burst the police’s lungs in one sentence.

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On the street of a man in Sichuan, the wife’s ribs were interrupted by 14 people. He burst the police’s lungs in one sentence.

2018-09-21 20:25:01 99 ℃

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Recently, a man named in Zhongzhou, Sichuan Province, was witnessed by the public on the street, and his wife was beaten, and his wife’s ribs were interrupted by 14 sons. If you dissuasion, you will beat your son. The relatives will discourage the relatives. Even the equipment that rescued the 120 medical staff will fall to the ground. In the face of the police’s interrogation, this article, "I beat my wife is still breaking the law?" Fried! Is it not illegal to say that your wife is like that? The ribs broke 14 and everyone was fainted, but it hurts!

So, some people may ask, why did a big man give such a heavy hand to his wife, how to fight in the dead? It is also because of this that the man of the surname bell saw his wife talking to a male sanitation worker. He suspected that his wife and the sanitation worker had a green hat for him, so he could not help but pull it. The wife just hits, even kicks and beats, and also takes heavy things to marry his wife. His son discourages his father from hitting his mother. This is a slap in the face, and the relatives come to dissuade and chase the relatives to fight relatives. Just like a mad dog, see who is biting.

Unfortunately his son called 120 and 110 for help. When the 120 ambulance arrived, when the doctor rescued the wife who was stunned by him, he still refused to save, and even gave the doctor the equipment to rescue the patient. The passers-by passed by to stop him from beating, and he chased the passers-by.

When the police station rushed to the scene to understand the situation, Zhong also violently threatened witnesses, violence In the end, with the help of the taxi driver, he finally subdued the violent man Zhongmou. The man with the surname clock should have been jealous. He broke 14 of his wife's ribs, and there were different degrees of damage elsewhere. People were stunned and did not stop. According to an insider, Zhong is also a frequent wife at home, and he treats his wife as a routine. In the face of the police inquiries, this kid actually said: "I am also breaking my wife's own law?"

What ages are you still playing? For such a person, it is ridiculous to call his wife as if he were a natural person. It seems that people like him can really go in and learn to study the law. Don’t be violent to beat their wives. Don’t be guilty of beating their wives, breaking the law of domestic violence and intentional assault in criminal law. . If he is held criminally responsible, he will be seriously injured if he put his wife in this way, but he will be sentenced.

The criminal law stipulates that if the person commits the crime of intentional assault, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or control; if he commits a crime of intentional injury and causes serious injury, he shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than 3 years and not more than 10 years; If the body causes death or causes serious injury caused by serious cruelty, it shall be sentenced to more than 10 years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty.

A big man, what kind of skill is it to beat his wife so heartily? What is your ability to beat your son and relatives? It is true that you can make more money to make your wife and children have a good life with yourself. Just because my wife and other men say a few words, I suspect that my wife is giving me a green hat, which is too ridiculous.

Become a husband and wife, and love is not suspicious. First and foremost between husband and wife, we must respect each other, be loyal to each other, and trust each other. What is most important for a family? Husband and wife love, family harmony is the most important. What do you think of this scum man who broke his wife's ribs and beat his son and other relatives in Yanzhou, Sichuan?