Close-up: Changing “Dung” as a treasure Taiwan’s stray cat home explores the road of “self-sufficiency”

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Close-up: Changing “Dung” as a treasure Taiwan’s stray cat home explores the road of “self-sufficiency”

2018-09-28 20:25:12 157 ℃

Original title: Close-up: Change "Dung" to treasure Taiwan's stray cat home to explore the "self-sufficiency" road

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, September 28th (Reporter Zuo Wei, Guo Wei) What is the experience of nearly a hundred cats? In addition to love, you need wisdom. After Chen Zhixiang of Taiwan founded the “Jigsaw Puzzle” stray cat halfway home, he created a cat feces fertilizer and tried to explore a business path of recycling resources.

When you walk into the middle of the "Jigsaw Puzzle" in Yonghe District, New Taipei City, you can see that there is a bag of fertilizer in the yard. There are dozens of coats in the house separated by floor-to-ceiling windows. The cat probes the brain, and "喵喵" is spoiled.

The development process of cat manure has not experienced no failure. Chen Renxiang recalls the worst situation. The whole space is filled with cat feces. "It is like cooking stool."

Chen Renxiang, 41, was a game software engineer. Because he wanted to do something good for this society, instead of just creating "virtual things," he quit his job and raised money to rent the old site of the kindergarten in 2014, creating a cat hotel and taking in the street cat. But the funds quickly failed to make ends meet.

"One is to generate income while caring for cats, and the other is to violate the cat's wishes. This must be a very natural and well done thing for cats." Chen Renxiang said that in order to find a way out He thought of using the cat to "eat and drink Lazard to sleep" in all aspects, and finally locked "cat manure". Because he found that animal manure composting often requires materials such as rough and wood chips as the medium, and the material of cat litter is wood chips.

Chen Renxiang repeatedly discussed with the professional factory, and also experienced stinking, and finally customized a composting machine with air circulation function to solve the odor problem. Today, less than one person's composting machine is working hard in the corner of the courtyard, and about 25 to 30 kilograms of fertilizer a day is calculated based on the consumption of litter. Chen Renxiang opened the machine and picked up a soft black fertilizer. He smelled it: "It is actually like the smell of earth."

According to the introduction, the organic content of cat manure is not very high, which is closer to soil improvement. The agent is not susceptible to illness after use. After the birth of cat manure, Chen Renxiang hopes to cooperate with farmers to produce crops and then sell them by “puzzle puzzles”. However, this novel fertilizer, even through various tests, is not everyone dare to try. In the end, a small farmer from Yilan agreed with his idea. The two men cooperated to harvest the rice planted by cat manure - "cat lunch rice".

After the "cat lunch", there was a "cat lunch"... Last week, he participated in the "Taiwan International Circular Economy Exhibition", bringing "cat lunch tea" and homemade natural cats. Sand is also well received. “In the future, I also hope to make masks. We provide fertilizers. Please plant some vanilla plants for small farmers. Because we have more than 95% of our supporters are young women.”

The “Jigsaw Puzzle” operated by eight full-time employees today Take care of more than 80 stray cats, and the venue can accommodate more than 100. In addition to taking care of and feeding, “Jigsaw Puzzle” is also a place to communicate animal protection concepts, which is also the original intention of Chen Renxiang.

In his view, people sometimes need to change the "human-centered" mindset in order to better coexist with other creatures. “A place has a variety of animals and plants living in a place. After shoveling and building a house, we say, how do you wander here? But that place is where they live.”

Although "Jigsaw puzzles" still need to rely on donations, but Chen Renxiang believes that the end of the year is expected to break even. If the self-sufficient operating model is successful, it may be a solution to protect stray animals.

"I am thinking now, is it possible to bring such a model to different regions." He said that through the exhibition, friends from mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and even South America are concerned about the "puzzle" "But, on the issue of animal protection, we must not rush to seek success. We must consider people's acceptance and let people with different ideas have the opportunity to communicate and understand each other."