Baoding City Water Supply Corporation provides comprehensive water supply

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Baoding City Water Supply Corporation provides comprehensive water supply

2018-09-28 20:25:13 165 ℃

To ensure the normal and orderly water supply during the National Day, The citizens have spent a festive, harmonious, stable, clean and orderly festival. The Municipal Water Supply Corporation has made all-round preparations to ensure the safe water supply in the city.

It is understood that the Municipal Water Supply Corporation will increase the monitoring frequency of the water source of the South-to-North Water Transfer, the water source of the Western Ocean Reservoir, and the water source of one acre of spring water, and strictly ensure the water quality of the source water, the factory water and the pipe network water to ensure that the process meets the standards and allows the citizens to use water. Reassuring; the water supply dispatching center monitors the pressure of the urban pipe network at any time during the holiday period, finds that the pressure is abnormal and timely predicts the risk of the pipe network accident, reduces the risk index; strictly implements the day and night duty system, and ensures that the key parts and key positions are on duty for 24 hours. In case of major emergencies and emergencies, the emergency plan will be promptly launched to ensure the safety of the city's water supply facilities; the water supply hotline "3030111" will be answered 24 hours a day, and the user's reflected items will be handled at any time to ensure that the water problems reflected by the public are resolved in the first time. In the case, the water supply information will be released in real time through Weibo and WeChat through Baoding Water Supply.

In addition, if the citizens need to pay water fees during the holiday season, the Water Supply Corporation recommends that the water fee be paid through the convenient network such as WeChat and Alipay. At the same time, the company’s business hall and cooperative business outlets will also be handled normally. Personal payment service.

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