Nanyang Yi drunk driving was checked and said, "I just don't tell the truth." It can be said that it is "playing fine."

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Nanyang Yi drunk driving was checked and said, "I just don't tell the truth." It can be said that it is "playing fine."

2018-09-28 20:25:13 149 ℃

When the traffic police is on duty, he often encounters some "playing fine" acting skills that are quite exaggerated. When he talks in a panic, his face is not red-hearted and does not jump. When he is arrogant, he wants to get away with it. Unfortunately, this one is not working.

Recently, I met a driver. I said that I didn’t drive a car. I just said that the house on the road was my own home.

Finally found out. The driver is not only drunk driving (241.93mg/100ml), the driver’s license is also forged, and it is still unlicensed driving

Recently, the police squadron of the traffic police brigade of Tongbai County Public Security Bureau carried out serious traffic violations in accordance with the Shenpu Road section of Tongbai County, S206 Provincial Highway. At 15:35, a black Toyota with license plate number is RJxxxx. The car sailed from east to west along the S206 provincial highway to the duty checkpoint. When it was found that a traffic policeman was investigating traffic violations in accordance with the law, the driver of the car suddenly turned the vehicle to the side of the road and stopped at the roadside.

Seeing this anomalous behavior, the police on duty immediately went to the parking lot of the vehicle to check it according to law, and then a facial redness came down from the car. The middle-aged man, when the police on duty asked him to accept the inspection according to law, the man pointed to the house on the side of the road and said that this was his home. He refused to cooperate with the inspection. The police on duty asked for alcohol testing. The man claimed that he did not drive. . The police on duty told him to cooperate with the inspection work and warned that the man’s police police law enforcement recorder had clear and clear video. The man could not cooperate with the inspection until he was blinded. The alcohol content of the man was tested by the breath alcohol tester. Driving a motor vehicle.

Li’s drunk driving motor also carries his 7-year-old daughter, the little girl crying in the car, after the traffic police The intimate comfort of this is not to cry. When the police on duty is to send the little girl to Li’s relatives or friends’ home, the man only says that his family lives near the station, his wife is in the field, and the house that he just referred to is fundamental. It is not your own home.

After properly arranging the little girl, the police on duty will take the man to the hospital for blood test. The blood content of the man is determined to be 241.93mg/100ml, belonging to drunk driving a motor vehicle.

When the police verified the license information of Li, they found that the driving of Li’s driving was not found in the comprehensive application platform of public security traffic management. The certificate information is verified by detailed comparison. The driver's license presented is a forged motor vehicle driver's license, Li I do not have a motor vehicle driver's license.

At present, Li has been criminally detained by the public security organ of Tongbai County according to law, and the case is being further processed.

(Nanyang traffic police authority issued)