Shijiazhuang: a five-hour penalty for a non-motor vehicle violation at an intersection

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Shijiazhuang: a five-hour penalty for a non-motor vehicle violation at an intersection

2018-11-07 00:25:07 65 ℃

At 8:00 on November 6th, the first squadron of Yuhua Traffic Police Brigade of Shijiazhuang City Traffic Management Bureau carried out special rectification of pedestrians and non-motor vehicle illegal activities at the intersection of Yucai Street and Yuhua Road, and halved the penalty for half an hour. There were 5 illegal motor vehicles. The Yuhua Traffic Police Brigade reminds the public that friends should abide by the traffic rules, build a harmonious traffic, cross the road, and not be retrograde.

At 8 am on November 6, the reporter followed the first squadron of the Yuhua Traffic Police Brigade of Shijiazhuang City to the intersection of Yucai Street and Yuhua Road. Special rectification of illegal acts of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles.

"Trouble to stop, provide your name and mobile phone number." Around 8:10, an electric car that was reversed from the crosswalk along the west side of Yuhua Street intersection at Yuhua Road was police. Stop.

The police said: "According to the regulations, non-motor vehicles must get off when they cross the crosswalk. However, if you ride, you will come over and the speed will be very fast. Please get off the bus and accept the punishment."

The electric car driver is a young man in his twenties. The young man hurriedly explained: "The appointment of friends meets, I am afraid that the appointment will be late, so I will ride directly."

After the police's critical education, the young man realized his mistake and said that he would not commit another crime in the future. According to the police, according to relevant regulations, the young man will be fined 10 yuan.

Not long after, the reporter saw a middle-aged man riding a large, long and wide tricycle from west to east. Was stopped by the police.

The man was a little overwhelmed after getting off the bus, not knowing why he was stopped. The police said: "Shijiazhuang City has issued regulations in June this year. The third type of assembly trucks are strictly prohibited from going on the road within the Third Ring Road. What kind of roads are allowed? The weight is not more than 55 kilograms, and the speed cannot exceed 25 kilometers per hour. The pedal motor can't exceed 400W, the battery can't exceed 48V, and all four of you exceed the standard, it belongs to the motor vehicle. We will detain your vehicle according to law, please cooperate."

According to the man Introduction, he did not understand the new regulations introduced in June. Previously, he only knew that this tricycle could not carry people. The cargo should be no problem. I did not expect this traffic police to detain it. He said that he would not make similar mistakes in the future and accept the punishment of the police.

According to the police, this third type of assembled car will be transported to the Yuhua Traffic Police Brigade Vehicles for scrapping, and the driver can take the identity document to the traffic police brigade to retrieve his personal belongings.

At the scene, the Yuhua Traffic Police Brigade introduced the "three-car" to the manpower tricycle, electric (fuel) booster tricycle, electric (fuel) booster four-wheeler. Electric (fuel) boosts the tricycle, without the cab, the whole vehicle has a quality of more than 400 kilograms, or the vehicle with the cab and the whole vehicle has a quality of more than 600 kilograms. It belongs to the second class motor vehicle; the quality standard is motorcycle. According to the three types of motor vehicles.

"According to the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", pedestrians may not behave according to traffic signals, and sidewalks are not walking in the sidewalk. Or a fine of 5 yuan. Pedestrians sitting on the roadway, staying, playing, or selling, sending items, advertising, can be warned or fined 10 yuan. Pedestrians, passengers crossing, crossing or leaning on road isolation facilities, riding two The motorcycle is not riding in the driver's back seat, and can be given a warning or a fine of 20 yuan." The police told reporters that in the future, the pedestrians and non-motor vehicles will continue to act in violation of the law to remind the public to obey the traffic. Rules to build harmonious traffic.

(Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reporter Liu Tao Intern Wang Kuo)