People's Daily: Optimizing the Business Environment China Never Stops

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People's Daily: Optimizing the Business Environment China Never Stops

2018-11-07 10:25:00 83 ℃

In the past, with the help of tax cuts and profits, the foreign investment was favored by the fight for resources and the policy; in the future, it is necessary to fight for service, fight for credit, and fight the environment to create lasting appeal.

“Business environment Only better, not the best.” President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo was a hit. With the opening of the first China International Import Expo, exhibitors began to make a good relationship in Shanghai, China. Outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the world are very clear: this hot land has a growing market, business opportunities with consumption upgrades, and a more active initiative to open up to the world. The most attractive is that China will "build a world-class camp." The business environment" efforts.

How attractive is China’s investment, the truth is the best explanation. Not long ago, the World Bank released the "2019 Business Environment Report: Training for Reform". In China, Shanghai and Beijing were selected as sample cities, and the conclusion was impressive. It takes only 9 days to start a business, which is in line with the OECD high-income countries; the short-term solution to commercial disputes and low cost is far better than the OECD high-income economy; the power access is free, and the world can do it except China. Only Japan and the United Arab Emirates have reached this point; the overall ranking has increased by 32 places compared with last year, and the total number has increased by 50 in five years... The capital is voted by foot. In the first half of this year, China newly established nearly 30,000 foreign-invested enterprises, nearly doubling year-on-year. This fully demonstrates that under the changing global economic situation, the confidence in tapping China's opportunities and deepening the Chinese market has become stronger and stronger.

The winner is powerful and the winner is strong. As President Xi Jinping pointed out: "All countries should strive to improve their business environment and solve their own problems. They must not always paint themselves and blame others. They can't just follow others and not take photos like a flashlight." International Capital vs. China The long-term optimism of market potential comes from China’s solid efforts in deepening reform and opening up in recent years. The “13th Five-Year Plan” clearly states that the business environment includes four dimensions: a fair competitive market environment, a highly efficient and honest government environment, a fair and transparent legal policy environment, and an open and inclusive human environment. To enhance one of these aspects, the word "reform" cannot be separated. In the past few years, whether it is reforming and mobilizing around “creating a stable, fair and transparent business environment”, or reform practices such as “distributing the service”, or exploring reform breakthroughs such as free trade zones, efforts are continuous. As officials from the World Bank's Global Indicators Bureau say, these developments are not only the result of reforms this year, but many are the result of continued reforms over the years.

For service companies to go all out, not just Beijing and Shanghai, the action to improve the business environment is common across China. This kind of motivation is largely due to the need for development and the pressure of competition. The flow of people, logistics, and capital flows to the highlands of the business environment rather than the lowlands. Therefore, we also saw that when the Shanghai Free Trade Zone initiated the “negative list” system, the free trade zones in various places also followed suit; when the “running at most once” reform in Zhejiang took effect, similar reforms were immediately rolled out. At the same time, some people must take the lead and some people must be quick. Not long ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward six requirements for in-depth promotion of the revitalization of the Northeast. The first one is "based on optimizing the business environment and comprehensively deepening reforms." Reform can't wait, slow, and optimize the business environment everywhere. We must carry forward the spirit of reform that dares to dare to try and dare to be the first.

The competition around the business environment today is not only global but also global. It constitutes an important indicator of international competitiveness and constitutes an “investment guide” for foreign investment in China. For a long time, we have relied on tax cuts and profits, and we have exchanged resources and policies to win the favor of foreign investment. In the future, we need to fight for service, fight for credit, fight for the environment, and achieve legal equality and policy consistency. Service optimization, creating a lasting appeal. Accelerate the introduction of foreign investment regulations, improve the open and transparent foreign-related legal system, comprehensively implement the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system; respect international business practices, treat all types of enterprises registered in China equally and treat them equally; The legitimate rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises, resolutely punish violations of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign businessmen, especially intellectual property rights violations, improve the quality of intellectual property review and review efficiency, introduce a punitive damages system, and significantly increase the cost of illegal activities... President Xi Jinping at the first China International Import Expo The announcement is not only an invitation letter to global companies, but also a mobilization order for governments at all levels.

Optimizing the business environment is not only in the context of domestic reform, but also in the context of opening up to the outside world. It is a systematic project without a pause. Openness has become a distinctive symbol of contemporary China, and this hot spot will continue to attract heroes from all walks of life to start a business together and to benefit the world while developing themselves.

Source: People's Daily