As long as you are not indifferent, everyone will be safe: the man does not arrive at the station to get off the bus and grab the driver is stopped.

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As long as you are not indifferent, everyone will be safe: the man does not arrive at the station to get off the bus and grab the driver is stopped.

2018-11-09 00:25:05 61 ℃


On the 6th bus in Tongjiang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, recently re-enacted A passenger has to catch the driver when the car is not at the station and wants to get off the bus. But this time, because other passengers on the bus stood up and stopped, the whole car people intervened in unison, avoiding a potential accident. The passengers of Bus No. 6 in Tongjiang County have set an example for us, and their behavior has also warned us that as long as we do not be indifferent bystanders, security can be guaranteed.

The incident happened when a male passenger holding a child had not arrived at the car, and he took the child from the back seat and got up and asked the driver to stop and let him get off. It is said that there is also a man and a woman accompanying him. But because there was no station, the driver replied that he would wait until the station a few hundred meters ahead to stop and let him get off. The man holding the child ran from the back door of the bus to the driver's position. He was in trouble for the driver and was immediately stopped by a female passenger in the front row. Seeing that the man holding the child is in a hurry to find the driver trouble, the whole car people stand up and intervene to avoid the conflict. It is said that when the child boy got out of the car, he also dropped a position in the driving position and kicked the lever of the driving position of the bus.

When you see this scene, everyone may instinctively think of the Chongqing Wanzhou bus crash that happened not long ago. At that time, because a female passenger did not ask to get off the bus, the driver did not stop according to the relevant regulations, causing the female passenger to hit the driver with the mobile phone, and the driver returned the hand. The two passengers deviated from the driving road during the process of mutual exchange, and the normal driving After the private car collided, it broke through the bridge guardrail and crashed into the river. The 15 lives in the car passed away. After the incident, many people questioned, there are no passengers on the car to stop it? However, because the relevant departments did not publish more video records, we have no way to study. And the incident occurred in a few seconds, I believe that everyone is too late to respond, therefore, we can not blindly comment.

When the Chongqing bus crashed into the river and was heated by the network, a female passenger took a bus in Beijing and got off the bus. The driver did not meet his requirements according to the relevant regulations. Female passengers I used the whole box of milk that I took in my hand to cause the driver to crash into the roadside car. In the end, the female passenger of the driver with a full container of milk was criminally detained in accordance with the law for dangerous public safety crimes.

It is precisely because of the lessons of Chongqing Wanzhou bus crashing into the river. Recently, the safety of buses has attracted much attention and attention. According to reports, after the Chongqing bus crash, many places have installed protective barriers on the bus driver's cab to avoid further passengers attacking the bus driver incident and causing tragedy. Although the implementation of these measures has a great effect on bus drivers avoiding passenger interference, the best hardware must be maintained and implemented. In other words, with the protection of hardware, it is necessary to improve the safety awareness of the majority of passengers. The safety of bus rides requires the participation and maintenance of passengers.

The fact that the whole car has prevented passengers from catching the driver on the bus on the 6th bus in Tongjiang County, Sichuan Province, proves that the safety of the bus needs to be maintained by the majority of passengers. It is said that when a child's man wants to grab the driver, there is a river ditch in front of the vehicle. If an accident occurs, the driver may drive the car into the river ditch, and an accident may occur, and the entire vehicle may be in danger. In this regard, the first female passenger who stood up to stop holding the child man to catch the driver’s behavior said that he did not want to be an indifferent passenger for the safety of himself and others. It is her courage to be a poor and indifferent passenger for safety, which has led the whole car to consciously maintain the safety of riding. Therefore, advocating that every passenger is not indifferent to passengers, bravely standing up when it comes to the safety of everyone, preventing dangerous behaviors and safeguarding everyone's safety is what we should do. It turns out that it can be done.