Africa's longest suspension bridge opened in Mozambique

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Africa's longest suspension bridge opened in Mozambique

2018-11-11 10:25:00 217 ℃

Original title: Africa's longest suspension bridge is opened to traffic in Mozambique

President New Zealand delivered a speech

People's Daily Maputo November 11 (Reporter Wan Yu) 10th In the morning, the Maputo-Katenberg Bay Bridge in Mozambique, which was built by the Chinese company, was officially opened to traffic. Mozambican President Philippe Neusi attended the completion ceremony and cut the ribbon. The main span of 680 meters is the longest suspension bridge in Africa. The total length of the bridge is about 3 kilometers.

News said in his speech that the bridge is the long-cherished wish of Mozambique’s successive presidents, and today the dream finally comes true. He said that the Maputo-Kartenberg Bridge will be part of the African Highway connecting Cairo in Egypt and Cape Town in South Africa, running through the African continent from north to south. "This bridge is a symbol of solidarity in Mozambique. It has overcome various adversities and differences during the construction process."

Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique Su Jian said at the ceremony that the Maputo-Kartenberg Bridge is in Central One of the most representative projects in the field of infrastructure cooperation between the two countries, the bridge is a symbol of the development and progress of the country, bringing real benefits to the local people and will drive the development and prosperity of the entire region.

In September 2012, the Maputo-Kantenberg Bridge and the Maputo Ring Road, which were built by China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. and financed by the Export-Import Bank of China, broke ground. Facilitate the traffic between the city of Maputo and the Kartenberg area on the other side.

Su Jian, Ambassador of Mozambique, delivered a speech

Li Qiang, deputy general manager of China Road and Bridge Corporation, delivered a speech

Ambassador Su Jian was interviewed by Mozambican media before the ceremony


This bridge has become a new landmark in Maputo

The bridge connects the bustling Maputo with the Katmun Bay area to be developed

The suspension of the bridge The main colors are red and yellow

See the local people at the opening ceremony

Air show at the ceremony

Calling local dancers singing and dancing