Long back today, two car accidents in the morning, the alarm! This road is too bad, it should be overhauled!

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Long back today, two car accidents in the morning, the alarm! This road is too bad, it should be overhauled!

2018-11-11 10:25:00 113 ℃

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Luohong Township is affiliated to Longhui County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. It is located at the northeastern end of Longhui County. It is connected to Xinhua Tunxi Town in the east and Gaoping Town in the south. It is adjacent to Yatian Town and west to Wangyun Mountain Forest Farm. It has 19 villages, 189 villager groups and 25,258 people, with a total area of ​​63.24 square kilometers. Luo Hong Township jurisdiction: Zhongluhong, Guanshuxia, Shangluhong, Bajiaoshan, Xinhui, Yansheng, Happiness, Zhangmuxi, Xia Luohong, Longzhou, Jiangtang, Guanghua, Bayou, Menggong, 19 village committees of Bailian, Tangwan, Cailian, Dongtang and Shilian.

In April 2016, with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, the establishment of Luohong Township and Yangguyu Township in Longhui County was cancelled. The administrative areas of the original Luohong Township and Yangguyu Township were respectively Luo Hong. The administrative area of ​​the town and Yanggu Town.

The ancient historical records of Luo Hong, especially the historical materials before the Tang Dynasty, are not exhaustive. The origin of the name "Luohong" is rumored to be a flood of water in ancient times, flooding the local houses of Luohong and rushing away the farmland. It is a long-named Luo, leading local residents, diverting floods, rebuilding homes, and local residents. In order to commemorate the elderly surnamed Luo, the local name was changed to "Luo Hong". This legend has a certain historical basis. In fact, during the Hongwu Period of the Ming Dynasty, Luohong Dongtang had a landslide in the Wulu Village. Due to the terrain of Luohong, it was a huge U-shaped, and the Chunxi River passed through it. After the collapse of the Wuluzhai Mountain, Luo Hong formed a barrier lake. Luo Hong’s ancestor Yi Yangong and the following five people: Yi Yan, Zi Cai, Yan Xuan, Xin Bo, and Zhong Zhong. Their tombs are all in Wulu Village. The serpentine mouth underneath, just in the position of the landslide, disappeared without a trace. It was not until the liberation that the farmland was opened that three tombs were found. Because of the inability to distinguish, the Zou Clan people treated them as "Yan Yan Gong". At that time, the ancients were superstitious and thought that this was the "Dragon King" blame. In the local area, there have been many beautiful legends about "out of the dragon" and the names of "Benglongzhou".


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This morning, there were two consecutive rounds In a car accident, there are serious injuries and deaths, which makes people feel distressed. Last night, Longzhong Jiuzhongtong students went home from school next night, and a student was broken by a road pit.

Today (November 6th) at around 8:40 am, a silver sylphy car from the industrial park to the riverside turns opposite and on the riverside road behind the middle and middle schools of Longzhong. A Kia K3 collided and the female driver died on the spot. The two relatives of the driver in the car were seriously injured and had been sent to hospital for treatment. The loved ones are grieved.


is not unique. Or at 10 o'clock this morning, on the way to the Xiaosha River, a red car collided with a bus, the left side of the red car and the car cover were deformed, and the bus drove into the rice field.

On the evening of November 5th, there was a student from Longzhong to go home to study in the next night. On the long downhill section of the road, there was a downhill slope of more than 300 meters away from the Ziyang police station. When the place was pitted, a student was broken by a road pit and caused a skull fracture. The masses along the way said: "Fortunately, the Xinglong community tried hard to install street lights a few years ago. If it is not so bad, the black and dark will become a real cannibal 'road tiger'."

Many People call: From the Ziyang police station to the road from the Jiuzhong to the entrance of the expressway, many places are pitted and ruined. It has been a year or two. It is only necessary to fill the sandstone soil from time to time, and the water will be washed away. This is the solution. If there is no fundamental problem, can the relevant departments think of ways to overhaul.