On the first day of Zhengding's standard heating, the reporter asked the family to "cool and warm"!

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On the first day of Zhengding's standard heating, the reporter asked the family to "cool and warm"!

2018-11-12 20:25:08 145 ℃

To reach the standard for heating

To meet the standard for heating

To reach the standard for heating

This winter

Your home heating is not hot heat?

Is the temperature enough?

November 10,

is the day when our county meets the standard for heating,

Our reporters went to various residential areas,

to visit the heating situation.

A hot air came in,

Like Master Cao, who is raising flowers, is watering the flowers,

the interior is warm as spring,

the various flowers and plants on the balcony are lush,

a scene of vitality.

According to Master Cao,

The temperature inside the house can reach 234 degrees,

the quilt that is covered at night

It also changed from the original two beds to one bed.

Chang Yongjiang, resident of Changshan Community:

The home is particularly warm, Heating was advanced in the past year, and this year is ahead of schedule. Our people have benefited a lot.

The reporter then came again Several other districts,

in the residents' homes,

the indoor temperature can reach above 22 degrees Celsius,

The old children took off their thick cotton coats.

Enjoy a warm and welcoming time.


The government’s policy of benefiting the people is very good. We continued to reduce the heating bill by one yuan last year, and we are still heating ahead. We are very satisfied.

There is a matter of heating Interests,

The masses care, the society pays attention.

This year, our county continued to implement early heating measures,

Starting with hot operation on November 5,

and heating costs remain at 18 square meters per square meter. Yuan,

The policy of Huimin, which is one yuan lower than the original price.

The heating time is long, the heating bill has dropped,

These policies have been released,

increasing the temperature and warming the hearts of the people!


The heating policy is good, now the weather It’s cold, and now it’s warm when I get home, it feels very warm.

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