Chinese version of "loyal dog eight public"! British media: the owner died, the puppy roadside waited for 80 days

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Chinese version of "loyal dog eight public"! British media: the owner died, the puppy roadside waited for 80 days

2018-11-14 00:25:00 186 ℃

Reference News Network reported on November 14 British media said that a puppy in Inner Mongolia has recently captured the hearts of countless Chinese netizens. It stayed in place on a busy road for more than 80 days, suspected of waiting for the hostess who died in a car accident.

According to a report on the BBC website on November 13, a short video platform in China reported that since the owner died on August 21, the locals can see the dog on the road every day.

A taxi driver said that passing owners often used to send food to puppies. "But as soon as we passed, it left. We put the food down, and it passed again."

"How deep is the relationship between this person and the dog, really amazing, Said the driver.

According to Chinese media reports, the puppy is still crouching under the guardrail in the middle of the road. The coldness of the early winter makes it tremble, but when someone sees it, it will immediately be alert.

It is understood that this video was taken on November 10th. After being shared on Weibo, it caused a hot discussion among netizens. As of November 13, it has been watched 2.35 million times.

"The loyal dog is not white! The family has never dared to raise a dog. It is not like a dog. It is too much like it. I am afraid that I can’t stand it when I leave," said a Weibo netizen.

Some other netizens are worried about the safety of the puppy.

"The dog is too dangerous in the middle of the road. I hope that a good person will adopt it, which is better than the former owner."

However, this puppy is not the first one. Chinese netizens are hailed as the real version of the "loyal dog eight public" case.

In April of this year, the short video platform reported another "red dog" in Chongqing called "The Red Dog". Every day, no matter whether it is raining or sunny, it will be outside the local light rail station from the morning. Wait until 7:00 in the evening to get off at work.

A few years later, many people around the light rail station have known the raging, and even many citizens and tourists have come to see it.

The report said that the loyal dog is a legendary loyal dog in Japan. It was famous in the 1920s for picking up the owner from the train station every day. In the nine years after his master’s sudden death, it insisted on the old habit of waiting for the owner to return.