incredible! "China A-Gump" Jin Shiming arrived in Weinan and has traveled 143,000 kilometers.

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incredible! "China A-Gump" Jin Shiming arrived in Weinan and has traveled 143,000 kilometers.

2018-11-14 20:25:09 114 ℃

The American classic film "Forrest Gump" must have been seen by everyone, and the inspirational story of the protagonist A-Gump is also inspiring young people from generation to generation. Recently, in our southern part of the country, an Angan-style old man has also come. He has to use his footsteps to measure the land of China.

The old man in front of him is named Jin Shiming, who is stamped in the office of the Minnan City Sports Bureau. Jin Shiming told the reporter that every time he walked to a place, he would go to the local sports bureau to stamp and stamp. It has been stamped with three books. This year is the 13th year of his walk.

I started from Bokang, Xinjiang in August 2005. I am a retired coal mine worker. Now I am walking for 143,000 kilometers. This is the 96th pair of shoes.

14 million 3,000 kilometers, wearing 95 pairs of shoes, the trip can be around the earth more than 3 laps, Jin Shiming old man has not stopped his pace, mainland China has gone all the way, the next step is to measure Hong Kong , Macau and Taiwan.

There is no way to calculate, but the three regions of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, although not large, I have to walk for two months. I have to declare a Guinness World Record for myself. This is my purpose.

The reporter learned that Jin Shiming was a retired coal mine worker. During his life, he relied mainly on retirement wages of more than 2,000 yuan and funding from sports bureaus and sports enthusiasts.

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