Frenzy 8°C! Cold air is better than express delivery to Hangzhou! The next 4 days of rain, rain and rain, even more terrible is...

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Frenzy 8°C! Cold air is better than express delivery to Hangzhou! The next 4 days of rain, rain and rain, even more terrible is...

2018-11-15 00:25:14 128 ℃

just recovered from the

state of the double eleven "shopping"

I found that I have waited for 3 days of express delivery

has no audio

but this damage area After all, it’s limited to our netizens

Now, a message that everyone is jealous is coming:

The weather in Hangzhou has to be a demon!

Rain, rain, rain + cold air group delivery< /strong>

It’s mostly cloudy,

Already annoying!

I didn’t expect it to be worse next!

A large wave of rain and rain is already on the road,

< Strong>I am going to Hangzhou tonight,

The next 4 days are rainy days!

According to Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory:

Today There was a little showering in the night, and there was rain tomorrow. At present, it is rainy weather until next Monday, and during the 15th night to the 16th, the daytime precipitation is more obvious, and the rain is of the order of magnitude. 15-17 days, the highest 17-18 ° C, the lowest 12-14 ° C; affected by the combination of cold air and precipitation, the temperature began to decline on the 17th, the highest 14-15 ° C.

It’s more heart-warming

Follow the rain and rain.

There is still a wave of cold air!

This Sunday, cold air is coming soon

packaged at your doorstep!

The cooling you think should be a little bit...

But the result is

The highest temperature tomorrow is still 18 degrees


Only 10 degrees next Monday...

The cold air is not terrible,

The scary thing is:

You have not shipped the down jackets bought by the eleventh,

The rainy days arrive early!

Ultra-low temperature + rainy day

Imagine the following scenario:

You go to work every morning,

Get up again!

sleeping at night to cover the quilt,

to use this method Now!

It seems that it’s time for everyone,

A song of autumn pants!

"Autumn Pants"

I want to wear long trousers, I can't help it.

A fall rain, 3,456 degrees

I want to wear long trousers, no one can stop it. /p>

Looking over the box, hiding in the deepest place

When I wear it, I will wear it, who dares to say no

In the next few days, the temperature drops a few degrees

If you don't wear long trousers, please be at your own risk


as an already Fat man who can't lose weight,

Xiaobian helps you to say something in your heart!

In addition to the big weather changes,

Bad news to say...

The flu season is coming >

The temperature difference between day and night is very high,

A group of colleagues around Xiaobian have a gorgeous cold!

This period is the peak of the flu,

The major hospitals are exploding, and many adults have not escaped!

The annual high incidence of influenza is from November to April,

Doctor reminds: Influenza vaccination,

is the most effective means of preventing influenza!

I don't say anything!

Ginger tea, Banlangen, cold medicine and hurry!

Cotton pants, down jackets, big cotton jackets are all out!

When it’s time for performance

< /section>

Close to the year,

A very real problem is in front of you:

How was the performance of this year completed?

掐 refers to:

More than one month from the end of the year!

How much is the performance of the friends?

Hurry and hurry up to catch up with the indicators!

There are only 48 days left in 2018

Last The most realistic topic:

There are only 48 days left in 2018!

The next day,

will be spent in endless work...

Feeling the body being hollowed out,

Cary is a double digit!

Seriously think about this upcoming 2018

Look at your salary and see the people around you...

Look at the flesh of the body and see the deposit in the card...

How? Enough motivation?

The next 4 rainy days

Xiaobian decisively wears long pants!

Be sure to guard your body during this time!