Late at night, a strange photo was sent to the Taizhou police mobile phone, and something went wrong!

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Late at night, a strange photo was sent to the Taizhou police mobile phone, and something went wrong!

2018-11-15 00:25:19 130 ℃

11:58pm on November 10th,

Xianju County Public Security Bureau 110 Command Center

Received from Guangdong Called by the police.

Hey, Is Xianju 110?

You Ok, what do you need to help?

< p> I am a netizen, Aley (a pseudonym), is a Xianju people, he wants to commit suicide, you are going to save him!

Address ......


XX Street, Fuying Street, Xianju County

Okay, we know.

Life and death, police officer Jiang Song and teammate Wang Feng rushed to the fastest speed At the scene, I asked the netizen to do everything in his power to keep in touch with Alei and get through the mobile phone of Alei. The voice at the end of the phone was weak, only saying that he was fine, did not need the police to come to the door, and then there was no news, Jiang Song The heart is up.

After arriving at the scene, Jiang Song discovered that the incident was a 5-storey residential building. The door was closed, and the two tried to call the police siren, megaphone and other words to try to get in touch with the people in the room, but there was no reaction at all. After an upset, Jiang Song, after some instigation, finally contacted the Alei family, and at this time they were still asleep and knew nothing about Alei’s suicide.

"Is it good when I have dinner?" Aley’s brother squinted and opened the door. Not too late to say that Jiang Song and Wang Feng ran all the way to the 5th floor of Alei’s residence. Room.

At this time, Alei’s mother had heard that she was getting out of her son’s door, but the door was locked, and many knocks and shouts were answered.

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The situation is urgent, Jiang Songyi The ankle opened the room door of Alei. At this time, Alei was lying in bed and was unconscious. The policeman, his family shouted and beat, and there was no response. The police also found that there were more than 10 boxes of food that had been eaten by their side. Kinds of empty medicine boxes, A Lei's mother saw a big cry.

Jiang Song quickly checked Alei and found that his pulse and heartbeat were still normal. He immediately told his family to take the empty medicine box. He took up 200 kilograms of Aley and rushed to Running downstairs, while running, he kept shouting at Alei: "Don't sleep! Don't sleep!" and sent it to the hospital together with the 120 ambulance that was rushed to the news.

After emergency rescue in the hospital, Alei turned to safety, and Alei’s family repeatedly expressed gratitude to Jiang Song.

It is understood that Alei, 21, a native of Xianju County, suffers from depression. I have been taking medicine for a while. When I was chatting with netizens, I was in a mood to talk about the helplessness and despair of life. I ate more than 100 anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, sleeping pills and other pills after I ate it. Send pictures to say goodbye to netizens. The netizen of the alarm came from Guangdong. In the past chat, he knew the phone and home address of Alei, so he called the Xianju alarm phone in time and hoped that the police could save him.

Like the police!

I hope that Alei can get out of the haze of depression as soon as possible,

Be brave and happy!

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