Drugs are hidden in coffee and motorcycle parts... Shenyang police seized 4 kilograms of ice and 354 grams of heroin

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Drugs are hidden in coffee and motorcycle parts... Shenyang police seized 4 kilograms of ice and 354 grams of heroin

2018-11-15 20:25:00 194 ℃

On the surface is a motorcycle that is delivered by express delivery. In fact, the various parts of the motorcycle are filled with heroin and K powder! Recently, the Huanggu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, cracked a drug trafficking case, destroyed a drug trafficking gang, arrested five criminal suspects, seized about 4 kilograms of drug ice, 354 grams of heroin, two pistols and 45 rounds of bullets.

Cluster: Someone is selling a lot of drugs

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In May 2018, the Criminal Investigation and Anti-Drug Brigade of the Huanggu Branch found in his work that a man surnamed Han had been selling drugs in Huanggu and surrounding areas for a long time and was selling The amount of drugs is large.

On July 13, the police found that Han received a courier package and immediately recruited many drug addicts, which was very suspicious. At 18 o'clock on the same day, the police arrested Han in a shopping mall in Tiexi, and seized more than 500 grams of drugs on the spot.

In the process of tracing the source of Han’s drugs, the police found that the drugs were mainly from Yunnan, and the suspects were all on the line. The Huanggu police quickly split the two ways. On the one hand, they continued to conduct an in-depth investigation around the suspect Han, and on the other hand went to Yunnan to investigate the drug source.

The arrest process is thrilling

September 13 The police found that the suspect had mailed a motorcycle to Shenyang, and then mailed a box of fruit and two boxes of coffee. Due to the ban on motorcycles in Shenyang, the two batches of express delivery caught the attention of Huanggu police. After investigation, the recipients of the two batches of express delivery were Ren Moumou. The police suspected that Ren Moumou might be another drug trafficking line in Shenyang.

On September 17, the express delivery of packaged fruit coffee arrived in Shenyang. After careful investigation by the police, it was found that the two boxes of coffee were obviously overweight. After unpacking, the police seized about 2 kilograms of ice.

On September 18, after obtaining sufficient evidence, Huanggu police immediately launched a network take-off operation in Shenyang and Yunnan. At 9:00 on the same day, the police successfully arrested the suspect who escaped in Huanggu District. At 1100, the police successfully arrested the criminal suspect in an airport in Yunnan. In the two residences of Quanmou, the other two associates were captured. At the same time, 60 grams of ice, 1 pistol and 7 bullets were found. Two hair clips and magazine clips.

With arresting all Compared with a certain wave, the process of arresting Ren Moumou is thrilling. "Ren Moumou is very embarrassed, and the anti-reconnaissance ability is very strong. After driving two turns, he confirmed the surrounding safety and stopped the car at the door of the express station. When he found out that we were going to arrest him, regardless of the slamming throttle After the car in front of us was knocked open, it fled along the road." The police of the Criminal Investigation and Anti-Drug Brigade of the Huanggu Branch introduced that there was a lot of bumps along the way, and finally it was near the tower of Huanggu District. . After hitting a bus, his left front wheel bearing broke and the wheel approached and could not drive, so he chose to abandon the car and escape. In the end, the police found a hidden person in a car.

The drug dealers have a lot of poisonous drugs

3 The average age of suspects is 30 years old and they are all from Shenyang. After arresting three people, the police seized a large amount of drugs in Yunnan and Shenyang. These drug dealers tried their best to hide the drugs and tried to get away with it.

The suspected drug traffickers used the method of logistics to carry ice, and used Yunnan’s famous small coffee to cover it. It was impossible to find out from the appearance. Only after opening the small bag of coffee, it was found that all the clothes were installed. Ice poison.

On September 20th, all the mailed motorcycles arrived in Shenyang. After investigation, the police found a total of 1.4 kg of K powder and heroin in the underside of the motorcycle, in the fuel tank, and in the seat cushion. In addition, there were 1 dismantled pistol and 14 bullets.

At this point, the drug trafficking case was broken. At present, five suspects, including Han Moumou suspected of drug trafficking, have been criminally detained by Huanggu police in accordance with the law, and the case is being further processed.

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