This "desired slow delivery" for drug addicts, let the change start from the heart

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This "desired slow delivery" for drug addicts, let the change start from the heart

2018-11-15 20:25:00 216 ℃
I don’t know what you are doing today after two years?
Would you remember to be addicted when you enter the office? Pain,
has you already lived what you want...

After 8 months, Qi, a student of the Second Division of the Women’s Compulsory Isolation and Drug Treatment Center of Gansu Province, wrote a letter for himself two years later and delivered it to a In the pink mailbox of "hope slow delivery", she stood in front of the mailbox with her hands in her hands, and her face was full of piety.

"My wishes for myself are: stay away from drugs, know responsibility, and be confident. , sunshine, beautiful woman! "Qi Mou said that she hopes to see the former self when she restarts the letter two years later, and she will do it herself later.

Hope slow delivery< /strong>

After the entrance education, the drug addict will write a letter to himself two years later, record the special mood of the first drug addiction station, write the right In the future, plan and draw a picture, draw the future of yourself, to remind yourself when you are confused, to spur yourself when you are lost. When the drug addict seals the envelope, put it into the "slow delivery" mailbox. The police officers responsible for the “Hopeful Slow Delivery” mailbox will be sealed and will be delivered by the police after two years.
“Make a promise, give yourself a commitment, and hope for the future”, this is The theme of the “Hopeful Slow Delivery” theme education activity of the Women’s Compulsory Isolation and Drug Rehabilitation Institute of Gansu Province is also the ardent hope of all police officers for drug addicts.

As one of the planners of “Hopeful Slow Delivery” activities, the Second Brigade Police officer Li Weiwan said, "I hope to pass this new education side. From the bottom of my heart, I am impressed by the hearts of drug addicts. They can calm down and seriously reflect on writing their own letters two years later. At the same time, they will remind them not to forget their current life and promises after receiving the letter. . She said that let this activity pass on, pass on hope, give the drug addicts a chance, and use letters to help them find their original one.

At present, this practice has been promoted in the whole scope, more than 500 A female drug addict has sent a "hope for slow delivery."

"Writing a letter to the future seems to have a magical power. Just sitting there, spreading the letter paper, picking up the pen, the heart will immediately calm down. "Detoxification officer Wang said.

"Although my level of education is not high, the letter written is not satisfactory, but I think this is to say goodbye to the present." "Detoxification personnel Yang thinks this way.

The drug addicts party seriously reflected on their wrong behavior in the letter, and drew a three-handed hand-drawn painting, which is two years after her imagination. I live happily with my family. "Two years later, when I received this letter, I must be very surprised. At the same time, this letter will always spur myself. Don’t forget the promise in the letter, never on the edge of drugs. Hey.

Fan Xiaohong, the head of the education correction team, said that as the only place in Gansu Province to treat female drug addicts, many students are forced to isolate and detoxify due to repeated drug use, long-term drug use and unhealthy lifestyles. The personality of female drug addicts is characterized by violation of discipline, paranoia, and contradiction. It is characterized by irritability, suspicion, stubbornness, pessimism, and lack of responsibility. The possibility of relapse after the birth is still very high. Based on the actual situation of female drug addicts, we constantly innovate the concept of education and correction, and fully carry out the prescribed actions, combined with the psychological physiology of female drug users to carry out self-selection actions, and encourage grassroots police officers to innovate, such as “hope slow delivery”, which is full of warmth. It is very common.

"What kind of way is effective, and the police who are in the front line of education and correction have the most say. Dai Wenqin, director of the Gansu Provincial Women's Compulsory Isolation and Drug Rehabilitation Institute, said that the party committee respected the grassroots police officers' initiative and promptly encouraged and improved the good practices such as "hope for slow delivery", which further stimulated the grassroots police officers to participate in educational corrections. Vitality and creativity, the “bonsai” carefully cultivated by the police has gradually become the “landscape” for the targeted correction.

Changes start from “heart” and write to the future” I hope to slow down, and pass on the determination and expectations to make myself better.

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