Changsha European city community tap water has a heavy paint smell!

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Changsha European city community tap water has a heavy paint smell!

2018-11-17 20:25:09 81 ℃

In the past two days, many owners of the Changsha European City Community have found that there is always a tap in the home. The pungent odor, even the clothes that have just been washed, will be stained with this paint-like smell!

So, where does the strange smell come from?

Do you have an impact on the quality of tap water?


The tap water has a pungent odor and no visible impurities are visible to the naked eye

The clothes that have just been washed are also strange. The owner suspects that the water is contaminated

When the reporter rushed to Ms. Liu’s house in the 6th building of the community, she opened the faucet in the kitchen and did smell a pungent smell. Ms. Liu told reporters that the smell was first heard after the dinner the day before yesterday when she was washing dishes in the kitchen.

At the scene, the reporter compared the tap water in the tap with the pure drinking water. It is difficult to see the difference between the two, no matter the color or transparency.

This morning, in the community of owners, the owners are talking about the smell of tap water.

Why does the community’s tap water suddenly show such an odor? The owners all said they did not know. However, due to caution, some owners have suspended the use of tap water.


Property Clearing The water smell in the water tank has not faded

The water quality experts have tested a number of indicators on-site.

Sampling test results in time Public water odor improvement

After receiving the feedback from the owner, the property company changed the water in the water tank, but the strange smell still did not fade, and Changsha water supply The company also arranged a number of water quality experts to conduct on-site sampling inspections. The results showed that the water quality met the national standards. At present, they have sampled the tap water in the owner's home, and the test report will be publicized in the first time.

In order to further understand the situation, the reporter then came to the property company in the community.

Song Manager told reporters that in order to self-check the cause of the smell of tap water, the property side has been in the water tank of the community last night. The water has all been replaced. However, the owners who came to the property company today to reflect the tap water problem are still not in the minority.

At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Changsha City Water Supply Company received a response from the owners and property companies. Water quality experts and staff of Chengnan Branch rushed to the site to test the water quality of the water inlet, pump house and some owners' homes.

At the scene, the staff tested a number of data such as turbidity and residual chlorine. Judging from the preliminary test results this afternoon, the water quality indicators in the region are in line with relevant national standards.

In addition to on-site testing, relevant experts from the water supply company have sampled tap water from some of the owners’ homes for comprehensive A test report will be issued after the test to ensure the user's water safety.

As of press time, the owner of the community gave us feedback that the smell of tap water in the home has been obvious improve.