Zhengzhou's first voyage of the intercontinental freight route from Africa to South America

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Zhengzhou's first voyage of the intercontinental freight route from Africa to South America

2018-11-18 10:25:00 151 ℃

Chinese Civil Aviation Network correspondent Gu Changbao and Shi Shufang reported: At 12:36 on November 17, 2018, the Ethiopian Airlines B777 all-cargo aircraft arrived at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport via Addis Ababa. The flight carries 101 tons of fresh Chilean cherries. The success of the maiden voyage marks the official opening of Zhengzhou's first charter cargo route from Africa to South America.

After the opening of this route, Ethiopian Airlines plans to execute 12 from November 17 this year to December 19 this year. For cargo flights, inbound cargo is mainly used to transport fresh cherries produced in Chile, South America.

From the Henan Airport Group, in recent years, Zhengzhou Airport's support capacity and customs clearance efficiency have been continuously improved, cargo routes The network, port functions and cold chain facilities are constantly improving. Fresh fruits such as cherries, lobsters, European salmon and Asian carp from the Americas, and fresh cut flowers from the Netherlands and Sri Lanka are imported from Zhengzhou Airport. Then, using the comprehensive transportation hub advantage of Zhengzhou Airport, it can be quickly allocated to Beishangguang and other places. After the normal operation of air cargo logistics, Chinese consumers can taste the freshest fruits and seafood from all over the world. The dining table of the people is more colorful and constantly meets the diverse needs of consumers.

After the opening of the intercontinental cargo route operated by Ethiopian Airlines, the cargo will be opened for the Central African-American Economic Corridor. The large channel is of great significance. At the same time, it can also increase economic and trade exchanges between Zhengzhou and even China and Africa and South America. It is fully compatible with the national “Belt and Road” and “Aerial Silk Road” strategies.