The most detailed Jin Jianren Expressway Phase II route (Jintang County - Jianyang City - Chengdu Gaoxin East District)

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The most detailed Jin Jianren Expressway Phase II route (Jintang County - Jianyang City - Chengdu Gaoxin East District)

2018-11-18 20:25:10 118 ℃

Project Name:Jin Jianren Expressway Phase II (Jin Jianren Expressway - Jintang Avenue to Airport South Line) Project

Construction Unit:Chengdu Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd.

< Strong>Construction address:Jintang County, Jianyang City, Gaoxin East District (Chengdu Tianfu Airport New City)

Construction Nature:New

Project investment:103.48 million yuan

Construction period: December 2018~2021, the total construction period is 29 months

K line is recommended

The construction of the project includes road engineering, rain and sewage pipe network project, bridge and culvert project, greening project, Jiao'an project and other ancillary projects. The project is constructed according to the first-class highway and combined with the urban expressway standard. Design speed main road 80km/h, auxiliary road 40km/h, roadbed full width 48m (non-urban section), 64m (town section), total length 52.366 Km (including 23.75km in the urban section and 28.616km in the non-urban section). The main road of the non-urban section of the project adopts two-way six-lane (two-way two-way auxiliary road) and two-way six-lane main road (two-way four-way auxiliary road). /strong>Asphalt concrete pavement is used throughout the line.

A total of 11176m/37 large and medium-sized bridges are set up in the whole project, including 9622m/36 of Dazhong Bridge and 1554m/1 of the special bridge. The length of the bridge and tunnel accounts for 21.34% of the total length of the route. There are 7 bridges across the river, and the remaining 30 bridges are dry bridges and overpasses. Except for the special bridge across the Lijiang River, all the bridges across the river have no wading piers. A total of 17 channel bridges are set up on the whole road. The length of the bridge is 85~110m and the width is 12.5m. There are 8 pedestrian bridges on the whole line. The length of the bridge is 78m and the width is 5m. There are 151 culverts on the entire road, and the culverts are reinforced concrete cover culverts.

Separate three-dimensional cross engineering

Separate interchange structure takes into account the topography, geomorphology, geology, materials, Basic conditions such as transportation and construction, as well as road network planning, landscape coordination, flood discharge and drainage requirements, follow economic and practical, The whole beautiful, easy construction principles OK. The superstructure of the over-separated interchange in the project adopts prestressed concrete small box girder or T-beam structure. The span is mainly 25m and 30m standard span, the local section adopts 40m span, and the lower structure adopts column pier and drill. Hole-filled pile foundation.

The cross-separate three-dimensional crossover project of this project is K2+515 at the G42 Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway (Chengnan Expressway), K37+575, the G76 Xialong Expressway, and K49+705. Wear the airport high-speed south line (planning). When K49+705 is under the airport high-speed south line, the project is a ground project. It is not necessary to set up a tunnel through the tunnel and directly cross the bridge in the middle of the airport. Three separate three-dimensional cross-projects The bridge piers are located in the green belts within the spanned roads. They do not occupy the roadways that are crossed, and the bridge heights meet the clearance requirements of the crossed roads.